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Volume 54 Contents

Number 1, Spring 2012

Special Issue

Where the Rivers Run North  Jim Hills 1
Part I: History
Rock Art in the Casas Grandes Region: Report of Seven New Sites and a Review of the Literature
  Richard D. O’connor and Walter P. Parks
San Joaquín Canyon and the 1916 Punitive Expedition
   Sylvia Brenner and Rondal R. Bridgemon
The Origins of Pearson, Chihuahua: A Photographic Essay   Richard D. O’Connor 59
Mennonites and Mormons in Northern Chihuahua, Mexico

   Rondal R. Bridgemon
Part II: New Perspectives
Reconstructing a Miracle: New Perspectives on Mata Ortiz Pottery Making   Jim Hills 81
The Eye of God: Tranquility and Tradition . . . Mata Ortiz Pottery in Harmony with the Ancients   Phil Stover 159
An Interview with César Domínguez Alvarado   Richard Ryan 165
Part III: The People and their Art
Tea with Juan Quezada: An Afternoon at Rancho Barro Blanco   Nancy Andrews 177
Mata Ortiz Photography   Carl Sander Socolow 185
Lydia Quezada’s “Work of Inspiration”   Ron Goebel 209
Jorge Quintana Rodríguez: Master Potter, Entrepreneur
   Jim Hills
Mata Ortiz: The Art of Survival and the Survival of Art
   Ana Livingston Paddock
Mañana es para siempre   Steve Rose 273

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Number 2, Summer 2012
Spider Grandmother and Other Avatars of the Moon Goddess in New World
Sacred Architecture
Mardith K. Schuetz-Miller
Introduction 283
Sacred Architecture among Ancient People of South America 295
The New World’s Earliest Ceremonial Centers 305
Circular Temples and the Moon Goddess 349
The Cosmic Cross and the Artisans of Mexico 373
Anomalous Architecture and Final Statement 399
Notes 413
Bibliography 423
Number 3, Autumn 2012
"Grave Offenses Worthy of Great Punishment": The Enslavement of Juan Suñi, 1659
   Anton Daughters
Reintroduction of Rarámuri Chapeyóko Masks: A Research Note from the Field
   Thomas M. K olaz and Santiago Barnaby
A Game Manager's Reconnaissance of Papaguería
   David E. Brown and Neil B. Carmony
Transboundary Conservation across Scales: A World-Regional Inventory and a Local Case Study from the United States– Mexico Border
   Jacob C. Brenner and John G. Davis
Lieutenant Faison's Account of the Geronimo Campaign
   Edward K. Faison
Number 4, Winter 2012
"A Never-Ending Source of Water": Agriculture, Society, and Aquifer Depletion on the Coast of Hermosillo, Sonora
   José Luis Moreno
Graveyards Are Filled with Sweet-Tooths and Gluttons: Culture and Food Risk in Sonora
   Sergio Alfonso Sandoval Godoy, Sandra Elvia Domínguez Ibáñez, and Anayeli Cabrero Murrieta
Traditional Regional Cuisine as an Element of Local Identity and Development: A Case Study from San Pedro El Saucito, Sonora, Mexico
   Juana María Torres and Gloria María Cañez de la Fuente
   Bill Steen
Who Are the "MSM"? Sexual Identities, Social Class, and Strategies in the Fight against AIDS in Mexico
   Guillermo Nuñez Noriega

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