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Part III Supportive and Rehabilitation Programs and Services A. Federal Programs for the Deaf B. State Programs for the Deaf C. Independent Programs for the Deaf D. Social/Recreational Programs and Agencies E. Supportive Organizations and Agencies Federal Programs for the Deaf Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services Jean Tufts, Assistant Secretary Tel 202 245 8492 I. Rehabilitation Services Administration George A. Conn, Commissioner Tel 202 245 2201 II. National Institute of Handicapped Research Dick Leclair, Acting Director Tel 202 245 0565 III. Special Education Programs Ed Sontag, Acting Director U.S. Education Department Room 4030, Donohoe Bldg. 400 Maryland Ave., S.W. Washington, DC 20002 Tel 202 245 9661 A. Division of Innovation and Development Thomas Behrens, Acting Director Tel 202 472 1653 Research Projects Branch Max W. Mueller, Branch Chief Program Development Branch William Swan, Acting Branch Chief States Program Implementations Studies Branch William Swan, Acting Branch Chief B. Division of Personnel Preparation Herman Saettler, Acting Director Tel 202 245 9887 Eastern Region Branch Josephine Taylor, Branch Chief Central Region Branch Norman Howe, Acting Branch Chief Western Region and Special Projects Branch Edward Moore, Acting Branch Chief C. Division of Educational Services Leroy V. Goodman, Director Tel 202 472 1494 Captioned Films and Media Application Branch Malcolm J. Norwood, Branch Chief Learning Resources Branch Nancy Safer, Branch Chief Program Support Branch Martin Kaufman, Branch Chief D. Division of Assistance to States Thomas Irving, Acting Director Tel 202 472 4825 Field Services Branch William Tyrrell, Branch Chief States Policy and Administrative Review Branch Beverly Brightly, Coordinator Compliance Branch Jerry Vlasak, Branch Chief A.A.D. I April 1982 Federal Offices Outline 195 Division of Educational Services Office of Special Education U.S. Department of Education The Division of Educational Services is made up of three branches: 1) Captioned Films and Media Application Branch; 2) Learning Resources Branch; and 3) Program Support Branch. Captioned Films and Media Application Branch (CFMA) The Captioned Films and Media Application Branch is responsible for the development and maintenance of a loan service of captioned films for the deaf and for the dissemination of other media products to handicapped persons, to the parents of handicapped children, and to others involved in work for the advancement of the handicapped. Major distribution and dissemination activities for the Captioned Films and Media Application Branch are managed by the Special Materials Project. Grant awards are made annually to encourage new educational media and technology developments for the handicapped. Learning Resources Branch (LRB) The Learning Resources Branch administers the operation of 1) the Regional Resource Centers that provide advice and technical assistance to state and local education agencies in the implementation of Public Law 94-142 and 2) the Direction Service Demonstrations that provide a systematic process for matching the needs of handicapped persons with the most appropriate combination of available human services. Program Support Branch (PSB) The Program Support Branch conducts analyses and provides technical assistance to promote the implementation of federal laws. Professional Staff Division of Educational Services Leroy V. Goodman, Director CFMA John Tringo, Education Program Specialist Anni Sokol, Program Assistant/Interpreter LRB Marie Roane, Education Program Specialist Etta Waugh, Education Program Specialist PSB Malcolm J. Norwood, Chief Ernest E. Hairston, Education Program Specialist Paul Andereck, Education Program Specialist Nancy Safer, Chief Susan Willemin, Education Program Specialist Doris Cargile, Education Assistant Martin J. Kaufman, Chief lames S. Johnson, Program Specialist/Marketing Jane Hauser, Program Specialist/Dissemination Barbara Hobbs, Editor Ronnie Hoffman, Education Program Specialist Roland K. Yoshida, Education Program Specialist Marty Abramson, Education Program Specialist Mailing Address Division of Educational Services, DONO 4723 Special Education and Rehabilitative Services U.S. Department of Education Washington, D.C. 20202 196 Educational Services and Captioned Films A.A.D. / April 1982 Rehabilitation Services Administration Personnel Department of Education 330 C Street, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20202 George A. Conn, Commissioner Wilmer S. Hunt, Acting Deputy Commissioner Boyce R. Williams, Director, Deafness and Communicative Disorders Office Wesley W. Geigel, Acting Director, Office of Developmental Programs Frederick Sachs, Director, Office of Program Operations Region I Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts , New Hampshire, Rhode Island , Vermont Office of Rehab. Svcs., Dept. of Education, John F. Kennedy Fed. Bldg., Rm. 2011, Covnt. Ctr., Boston...


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