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Part II Educational Programs and Services A. SchooJs and Classes: Preschool through Secondary (Data on programs, pupils, staff, and finances) B. Post-Secondary Programs C. University Programs Training Personnel in Deafness D. Programs for the Deaf-Blind Schools and Classes for the Deaf in the United States This section provides information on the programs offered, the students served, and the educational staff employed by U.S. schools and classes for deaf children. The listing is alphabetical by states. Each state listing provides in sequence: residential schools, day schools, day classes, and facilities for multi-handicapped students. The programs listed here include only those which have responded to the 1981 Annals' questionnaire. The key to the data for schools and classes is given below. Program Data: Res Residential facilities offered (may also be a facility for day students) Day Day facilities only Sch School (housed in building primarily for deaf students, and enrolling 10 or more such students) CI Class (housed in unit devoted only partially to deaf students) Pub Public support (parents do not pay tuition) Priv Private support (parents pay tuition) Inf A parent-infant home program is offered in addition to in-school programs P-12 Grade range: Preschool (P) refers to in-school programs for children under age 5; Kindergarten (K) to programs for those age 5-6; numerals 1-12 to grade equivalents for children age 6-20 HS High School programs specifically designed for hearing impaired students (Part) Part-time only (fewer than 25 hrs./ week per deaf child enrolled) (Itin) Itinerant services only Mn(# ) # students fully mainstreamed PMn (#) # students partially mainstreamed CE Continuing Education MH A program specifically for MultiHandicapped Deaf students is offered in a school or class for the deaf MH Only . . . . A facility for Multi-Handicapped students only (with provisions for the deaf) Spec H/Fac .. Facility for a Specific Handicap with instructional program for students with additional handicap of deafness Student Data: Tot Total number deaf/hearing impaired students enrolled M Male; F . . . . Female Res Number residential students Day Number day students Ages Minimum enrollment and maximum attendance ages + DBI Deaf-Blind students DMR Deaf-Mentally Retarded students DBI-MR Deaf-Blind, Mentally Retarded students DLD Deaf-Learning Disabled, including aphasic DSE Deaf-Socially or Emotionally disturbed students 0 Deaf students with handicaps Other than above Data on status of deaf 1981 high school graduates (as of Oct. 1): Tot Total 1981 graduates Coll Number enrolled in 2or4yr. college or tech./voc. institute Trng Number enrolled in short term job training program (less than 2 years) Work Number directly employed UEm Number unemployed UKn Unknown Educational Data: Tot Total number full-time educational staff EA Number Educational Administrators 1 Number Instructors (classroom teachers) TA Number Teacher Aides C Number Clinical and other Supportive personnel (audiologists, interpreters , psychologists, home school visitors, social workers, rehabilitation counselors, researchers) M Number of Media/Library personnel Df Number of Deaf Persons on educational staff CC Number with CEASD* or CED** certification on educational staff SC Number with certification as teachers of the deaf by the State Department of Education "CEASD—Conference of Executives of American Schools for the Deaf **CED—Council on Education of the Deaf * For this, and the following multi-handicapped categories, each child is counted only once. A.A.D. / April 1982 Schools and Classes in the U.S. 107 Refer to the Key, pg. 107, for explanation of Program Data, shown below Alabama Alabama Institute for Deaf & Blind 205 South St., E. Talladega 35160 Tel 205 362 1500 Pres: Jack Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D. Geo. C. Wallace Speech & Hrng. Ctr., Univ. of Montevallo Montevallo 35115 Tel 205 665 2521 Dept. Chair: Loretta Brown, Ed.D. Program: Res; Sch; Pub; Inf; P-12; HS; PMn(8); MH Students: Tot 474; M 249; F 225; Res 441; Day 33; Ages 3-21 Multi-Hep: Tot 143; DBI 56; DMR 74; DBI +MR 0; DLD 0; DSE 0; O 13 1981 Graduates: Tot 35; Coll 3; Trng 6; Work 13; UEm 13; UKn 0 Educ Staff: Tot 170; EA 13; I 98; TA 27; C 28; M 4; Df 7; CC 15; SC 38 Program: Res; Sch; Pub; Inf; P-3; PMn(3); MH Students'. Tot...


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