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Music Received

From: Notes
Volume 69, Number 4, June 2013
pp. 817-827 | 10.1353/not.2013.0072

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Music Received

A key to abbreviated imprints is found at the end of this column. For information about the content and arrangement of this list, consult the introduction to the column in the September issue (p. 156 of this volume).

Scholarly & Historical Editions

Adam, Adolphe. Le toréador, ou l’Accord parfait. Opéra bouffon en deux actes. Livret de Thomas Sauvage. Édition de Paul Prévost. (L’opéra français.) Bärenreiter, 2009. BA 8701. ISMN 979-0-006-53045-8. lvi p.; score, 391 p.; facsims. Cloth. €437.
Bellini, Vincenzo. Musica vocale da camera. A cura di Carlida Steffan. (Works, 2003, 14.) Ricordi, 2012. NR 140185. ISBN 978-88-7592-910-7. ISMN 979-0-041-40185-0. HL50498618. liii; facsims.; score, 196 p. $195.
Bononcini, Giovanni. Twelve Chamber Sonatas (London, 1732). Edited by Jeffrey Noonan. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, 183.) A-R, 2012. ISMN 978-0-89579-757-5. xiii p.; facsims.; score, 87 p. $85.
Brahms, Johannes. Arrangements von Werken anderer Komponisten. Für ein Klavier oder zwei Klaviere zu vier Händen. Herausgegeben von Valerie Woodring Goertzen. (Werke, IX/1.) Henle, 2012. HN 6018. ISMN 979-0-2018-6018-3. 51486018 (Leonard). xxxi p.; score, 290 p. Cloth. $510.
Brahms, Johannes. Serenaden: Nr. 1 D-Dur Opus 11; Nr. 2 A-Dur Opus 16. Ouvertüren: Akademische Festouvertüre C-Moll Opus 80; Tragische Ouvertüre D-Moll Opus 81. Arrangements für ein Klavier zu vier Händen. Herausgegeben von Michael Musgrave. (Werke, IA/4.) Henle, 2012. HN 6017. ISMN 979-0-2018-6017-6. 51486017 (Leonard). xxi p.; score, 270 p. Cloth. $466.
Brahms, Johannes. Symphonie Nr. 4 E-Moll Opus 98. Arrangement für zwei Klaviere zu vier Händen; Arrangement für ein Klavier zu vier Händen. Herausgegeben von Robert Pascall. (Werke, 1A/3.) Henle, 2012. HN 6016. ISMN 979-0-2018-6016-9. 51486016 (Leonard). xx p.; score, 202 p. Cloth. $353.
Caldara, Antonio. Due antifone mariane: Salve Regina, Te decus virgineum. A cura di Warren Kirkendale. (Musiche italiane del Settecento, 9.) Libreria, 2011. ISBN 978-88-7096-637-4. xxx p. facsims.; score, 25 p. €25.
Cavalli, Francesco. La Calisto. Dramma per musica by Giovanni Faustini. Edited by Alvaro Torrente (Score), Nicola Badolato (Libretto). (Francesco Cavalli, Opere.) Bärenreiter, 2012. BA 8901. ISMN 979-0-006-33660-1. lxix p.; facsims.; score, 152 p. Cloth. €230.
Donizetti, Gaetano. Maria Di Rohan. Melodramma tragico in tre atti di Salvadore Cammarano. Edizione critica a cura di Luca Zoppelli. Partitura. (Le opere di Gaetano Donizetti, 9.) Ricordi, 2011. NR 137533. ISBN 978-88-7592-902-2. ISMN 979-0-041-37533-5. HL50497629. Score, 2 v.; facsims. Cloth. $540.
Gabrieli, Andrea. Il terzo libro de madrigali a cinque voci, con alcuni di Giovanni Gabrieli, Venezia, Angelo Gardano 1589. A cura di Alessandro Borin. Edizioni critica. (Opere, 13.) Ricordi, 2012. NR 140584. ISBN 978-88-7592-896-4. ISMN 979-0-041-40584-1. HL50497681. 26 p.; facsims.; score, 236 p. Cloth. $161.
Maillard, Jean. Collected Sacred Works. Edited by Raymond H. Rosenstock. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance, 159.) A-R, 2012. ISBN 978-0-89579-758-2. xxii p.; facsims.; score, 215 p. $192. [End Page 817]
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Elias: ein Oratorium, MWV A 25. Frühfassungen. Text von Carl Klingemann, Julius Schu -bring und Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Herausgegeben von Christian Martin Schmidt. (Leipziger Ausgabe, VI/11a.) Breitkopf, 2012. SON 426. ISMN 979-0-004-80307-3. lxiii p.; score, 464 p.; facsims. Cloth. €314.
Nanino, Giovanni Maria. Complete Madrigals. Part 1, Il primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci. Edited by Christina Boenicke and Anthony Newcomb. (Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance, 158.) A-R, 2012. ISBN 978-0-89579-746-9. xliv p.; score, 168 p. $156.
Pachelbel, Johann. Concerti II. Herausgegeben von Thomas Röder. (Sämtliche Vokalwerke, VIII.) Bärenreiter, 2012. BA 10558. ISMN 979-0-006-55307-5. xxii p.; facsims.; score, 319 p. Cloth. €217.
Ravenscroft, Thomas. Rounds, Canons, and Songs from Printed Sources. Transcribed and edited by John Morehen and David Matter. (Musica Britannica, XCIII.) Stainer, 2012. ISBN 979-0...

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