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  • Subject and Use index

Keyed to The Bulletin's alphabetical arrangement by author, this index, which appears in each issue, can be used in three ways. Entries in regular type refer to subjects; entries in bold type refer to curricular or other uses; entries in ALL-CAPS refer to genres and appeals. In the case of subject headings, the subhead "stories" refers to books for the readaloud audience; "fiction," to those books intended for independent reading.

Acrobats-fiction: Jones

Actors and acting-fiction: Smith

ADVENTURE: Bowman; Clement-Moore; Emerson; Jones; Maddison; Messenger; Oh; Stohl; Vaughn; Wiggins

Afghan War-fiction: Patterson

African Americans: Doeden

African Americans-fiction: Allen; Draper

Aliens-fiction: Emerson

Animals-stories: Stein

Arab-Americans-fiction: Stella

Art: Prelutsky

Art and artists-fiction: Matti

Babies-stories: Katz

Bears-fiction: McCully

BIOGRAPHIES: Doeden; Krull

Birds-stories: Horáček

Birthdays-fiction: French

Blogs-fiction: Dahl

Brothers-fiction: Matti

Brothers and sisters-poetry: Wissinger

Bullying-fiction: Stella

Camps and camping-fiction: Balog; Sternberg

Cars-fiction: Garland

Chickens-stories: Harrington

China-fiction: La Valley

Circuses-fiction: Howard


Crime and criminals: Doeden

Crime and criminals-fiction: Clement-Moore; Draper; Gewirtz; Maddison; Shimko; Tharp; Vaughn

Current events: La Valley; Whitman

Dancers and dance-fiction: Draper

Dinosaurs-stories: Shaskan

Divorce-fiction: Reinhardt

Dogs-fiction: McKay; Northrop; Sullivan

Drug abuse-fiction: Banash

Dystopias-fiction: Bowman; Stohl; Terry; Wiggins

ESP-fiction: Vaughn

Ethics and values: Allen; Bowman; Harrington; Henkes; Higgins; Patterson; Shimko; Stohl; Weulersse

FABLES: Harrington

Families-fiction: Allen; Banash; Hughes; La Valley; Laidlaw; McKay; McKinlay

FANTASY: Gerstein; Messenger; Moriarty; Oh; Shurtliff; Vande Velde

Fate-fiction: Fitzmaurice

Fathers-fiction: Gewirtz; La Valley; Moriarty

Fathers-stories: Cummings; Germein; Weulersse

Fishing-poetry: Wissinger

FOLKTALES AND FAIRY TALES: Harrington; Shaskan; Shurtliff; Weulersse; Wiggins; Yolen Grumbles

Food and eating-stories: LaRochelle [End Page 446]

Friends-fiction: Auch; Banash; Dahl; French; Haas; Kimmelman; Leveen; Northrop; Patterson; Sternberg

Friends-stories: Higgins; Horáček

Frogs-fiction: Vande Velde

Gays and lesbians-fiction: Payne

Gender roles-stories: Underwood

Giants-stories: Higgins


Grief-fiction: Howard

HISTORICAL FICTION: Banash; Gewirtz; Hughes; Jones; Maddison; Matti; Salerni; Yamasaki

History, U.S.: Doeden

History, world: Krull

Holidays-fiction: Kimmelman

Horses-fiction: Haas

HUMOR: Allen; Cummings; French; Gall; Germein; LaRochelle; McKay; Prelutsky; Stein; Sullivan; Underwood

Identity-fiction: Shurtliff

Imagination-stories: Cummings; Gall

Immigrants-fiction: Joseph

Internment camps-stories: Yamasaki

Inventors-stories: Gall

Italy-fiction: Hughes

Jews-fiction: Kimmelman

Jokes-stories: Germein

Language arts: Wissinger; Yolen Grumbles

Latinos-fiction: Joseph

Letters-fiction: Moriarty

Magic-fiction: Reinhardt; Shurtliff; Vande Velde

Memory-fiction: Terry

Mice-fiction: Henkes

Missing persons-fiction: Tharp

Mothers-fiction: Auch; Fitzmaurice

Mothers-stories: Stein

Music and musicians: Krull

MYSTERIES: Clement-Moore; Maddison; McKinlay; Salerni; Tharp

Nature study: Horáček

Neighbors-fiction: Kimmelman


Pakistan-fiction: Laidlaw

Parents-fiction: Patterson

Performers-fiction: Jones

Play-fiction: Sullivan

POETRY: Prelutsky; Wissinger; Yolen Grumbles; Yolen Wee

Prejudice-fiction: Stella

Princesses-stories: Underwood

Quests-fiction: Oh

Readers theater: Shaskan

Reading aloud: Prelutsky; Reinhardt; Vande Velde; Yolen Grumbles

Reading, beginning: Garland; Henkes; McCully; Sullivan

Reading, easy: French; Haas; Kimmelman; McKay

Refugees-fiction: Whitman

Relationships-fiction: Howard; Leveen; Payne; Salerni; Smith

Romance-fiction: Bowman; Joseph; Messenger; Morgan; Payne; Smith

Royalty-fiction: Vande Velde

Royalty-stories: Underwood

Runaways-fiction: Auch

School-fiction: Dahl; Laidlaw; Payne; Vaughn

SCIENCE FICTION: Emerson; Fitzmaurice

Secrets-fiction: Gewirtz; McKinlay; Northrop; Salerni; Terry

Sisters-fiction: Morgan

Size-fiction: McCully

Space travel-fiction: Gerstein


Storytime: Harrington; Katz; Shaskan

Sudan-fiction: Whitman

Summer-fiction: Sternberg

Superheroes-fiction: Matti

SUPERNATURAL STORIES: Balog; Clement-Moore; Morgan; Stohl

SUSPENSE: Balog; Shimko; Terry

Synesthesia-fiction: Auch

Time travel-fiction: Reinhardt

TODDLER BOOKS: Katz; Yolen Wee

Towns-fiction: Garland

Transportation: Garland [End Page 447]

Vacations-fiction: McKay

Vegetables-stories: LaRochelle


Voyages and travel-fiction: Gerstein; Shurtliff

World cultures: Laidlaw; Weulersse

World War II-fiction: Hughes ;Matti

World War II-stories: Yamasaki

Writers and writing-fiction: Leveen

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