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Elasticity of a Good

if I want more than I’ve    hands for & what’re hands but parts of cameras   with no lenses that sit days on end then like a bomb on three   toss light

from its home & I’d lose my weekend just skimming this puddle for shadows    now I settle on a cause    a cattail sticking up its neck through the tracks

says so much about the train    says there’s no train that won’t stop   if the bridge’s too strong it’ll break off & fray into tangents see them talk

funny over there they drop    articles they lose more nouns to the river every year & what can a city sorry what kind of city    releases its people

to the air if not with kite strings   & sorry what kind of air    is it dark marble that flutters under the hot bit of a power drill    is it a shelf I can’t see to the ends of [End Page 94]

Ben Purkert

Ben Purkert’s poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Spoon River, New Orleans Review, DIAGRAM, Barn Owl, epiphany and The Southampton Review. He currently teaches at NYU where he’s completing his MFA. He’s Poetry Co-Editor of Washington Square and writes book reviews for Harvard Review Online.