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Books Received

October 16, 2012 to January 15, 2013

Bergman, Jill. 2012. The Motherless Child in the Novels of Pauline Hopkins. Baton Rouge: Lousiana State University Press. $38.95 hc. 216 pp.
Cruz, Denise. 2012. Transpacific Femininities: The Making of the Modern Filipina. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $89.95 hc. $24.95 sc. 295 pp.
Cvetkovich, Ann. 2012. Depression: A Public Feeling. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $84.95 hc. $24.95 sc. xi + 279 pp.
Dinshaw, Carolyn. 2012. How Soon Is Now?: Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $84.95 hc. $23.95 sc. 251 pp.
Elmer, David F. 2013. The Poetics of Consent: Collective Decision Making and the Iliad. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $55.00 hc. 313 pp.
Fu, Bennett Yu-Hsiang. 2012. Transgressive Transcripts: Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Chinese Canadian Women’s Writing. Amsterdam: Rodopi. $45.00 sc. x + 178 pp.
Gamber, John Blair. 2012. Positive Pollutions and Cultural Toxins: Waste and Contamination in Contemporary U.S. Ethnic Literature. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. $50.00 hc. 248 pp.
Groden, Kreiswirth, and Imre Szeman, eds. 2012. Contemporary Literature and Cultural Theory. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $90.00 hc. $45.00 sc. 521 pp.
Jagose, Annamarie. 2012. Orgasmology. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $84.95 hc. $23.95 sc. 280 pp.
Jones, Tom. 2012. Poetic Language: Theory and Practice from the Renaissance to the Present. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. $105.00 hc. $30.00 sc. viii + 207 pp.
Lamab, Robert Paul. 2013. The Hemingway Short Story: A Study in Craft for Writers and Readers. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. $45.00 hc. 256 pp.
Lopez, Antonio. 2012. Unbecoming Blackness: The Diaspora Cultures of Afro-Cuban America. New York: New York University Press. $75.00 hc. $24.00 sc. 272 pp.
Matthews, Graham. 2012. Ethics and Desire in the Wake of Postmodernism: Contemporary Satire. New York: Continuum. $110.00 hc. 208 pp.
Moore, Grace. 2012. The Victorian Novel in Context. New York: Continuum. $27.95 sc. 184 pp.
Patea, Viorica. 2012. Short Story Theories: A Twenty-First-Century Perspective. Amsterdam: Rodopi. $101.00 hc. $47.00 sc. 346 pp.
Pollack, Harriet, ed. 2013. Eudora Welty, Whiteness, and Race. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press. $69.95 hc. $24.95 sc. 288 pp.
Ramanathan, Geetha. 2012. Locating Gender in Modernism: The Outsider Female. New York: Routledge. $125.00 hc. 204 pp.
Churchwell, Sarah, and Thomas Ruys Smith, eds. 2012. Must Read: Rediscovering American Bestsellers: From “Charlotte Temple” to “The Da Vinci Code.” New York: Continuum. $100.00 hc. $29.95 sc. 384 pp.
Schwenger, Peter. 2012. At the Borders of Sleep: On Liminal Literature. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. $22.50 sc. 184 pp. [End Page 185]
Smith, Robert Rowland. 2012. On Modern Poetry: From Theory to Total Criticism. New York: Continuum. $110.00 hc. $32.95 sc. 208 pp.
Sullivan, Patricia Suzanne. 2012. Experimental Writing in Composition: Aesthetics and Pedagogies. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. $24.95 sc. 200 pp.
Wise, Jon, and Mike Hill. 2012. The Works of Graham Greene: A Reader’s Bibliography and Guide. New York: Continuum. $140.00 hc. 416 pp. [End Page 186]