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Poetry Raven, Carry Me

Raven,   carry me to the sun,   let me ride under your wing.Let us fly towards daylight.Bring me with you—   to stars,   to light.   to spirit.Spirits   surround us   shining light on the layers below,   green fronds, shiny stones—sparkle in shimmering waves.Waves tumble and spin, calling me home.Let me tumble and spin and fall through the sky,   towards foaming, dark waves of blindness.Let me reach for your wing again.Carry me with you once more.   Tell me the story of your birth,   tell me the story of your dance with sun and stars.   Join me in laughter and tears.   Join me in gratitude.Let the sun blind my eyes with joy.   Spirits surround us.Let me fall to the earth again,   transformed by your shining, dark beauty. [End Page 68]

Jeane T'Áawxíaa Breinig

Jeane T'áawxíaa Breinig (Haida) is professor of English and associate dean for humanities at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her teaching expertise is American Indian and Alaska Native literatures. Her research interests include oral histories, Native language revitalization, and Indigenous theories and methods.