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Books Received
Commander and Builder of Western Forts: The Life and Times of Major General Henry C. Merriam, 1862–1901. Jack Stokes Ballard. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2012. ISBN 978-1-60344-260-2, 288 pp., cloth, $35.00.
Ex Parte Merryman: Two Commemorations. Ed. Joseph W. Bennett. Baltimore: The Library Company of the Baltimore Bar, 2012. ISBN 978-0-615-53581-4, 91 pp., paper, $15.00.
USS Monitor: A Historic Ship Completes its Final Voyage. John D. Broadwater. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2012. ISBN 978-1-60344-473-6, 228 pp., cloth, $39.95.
The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass: In Pursuit of American Liberty. Nicholas Buccola. New York: New York University Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8147-8711-3, 215 pp., cloth, $49.00.
The Cherokee Nation in the Civil War. Clarissa W. Confer. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8061-4267-8, 216 pp., paper, $16.95.
John Dooley’s Civil War: An Irish American’s Journey in the First Virginia Infantry Regiment. Ed. Robert Emmett Curran. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2012. ISBN 978-1-57233-822-7, 552 pp., cloth, $59.00.
Everybody’s History: Indiana’s Lincoln Inquiry and the Quest to Reclaim a President’s Past. Keith A. Erekson. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2012. ISBN 978-1-55849-915-7, 256 pp., paper, $26.95.
The Republic of Nature: An Environmental History of the United States. Mark Fiege. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-295-99167-2, 600 pp., cloth, $34.95.
Freedom’s Conditions in the U.S.-Canadian Borderlands in the Age of Emancipation. Ed. Tony Freyer and Lyndsay Campbell. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2011. ISBN 978-1-59460-772-1, 344 pp., cloth, $45.00.
“Bully for the Band!” The Civil War Letters and Diary of Four Brothers in the 10th Vermont Infantry Band. Charles George, Herbert George, Jere George, and Osman George. Ed. James A. Davis. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2012. ISBN 978-0-7864-6686-3, 300 pp., paper, $49.95.
Big Bad Ironclad. Nathan Hale. New York: Abrams, 2012. ISBN 978-1-4197-0395-9, 128 pp., hardcover, $12.95.
One Dead Spy. Nathan Hale. New York: Abrams, 2012. ISBN 978-1-4197-0396-6, 128 pp., hardcover, $12.95.
Apples and Ashes: Literature, Nationalism, and the Confederate States of America. Coleman Hutchison. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8203-4244-3, 288 pp., paper, $24.95.
Decided on the Battlefield: Grant, Sherman, Lincoln, and the Election of 1864. David Alan [End Page 130] Johnson. Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books, 2012. ISBN 978-1-61614-509-5, 319 pp., cloth, $27.00.
Lee’s Cavalrymen: A History of the Mounted Forces of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861–1865. Edward G. Longacre. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8061-4230-2, 484 pp., paper, $26.95.
Lincoln’s Cavalrymen: A History of the Mounted Forces of the Army of the Potomac, 1861–1865. Edward G. Longacre. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8061-4229-6, 488 pp., paper, $26.95.
Granbury’s Texas Brigade: Diehard Western Confederates. John R. Lundberg. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8071-4347-6, 344 pp., cloth, $39.95.
Coming for to Carry Me Home: Race in America from Abolitionism to Jim Crow. J. Michael Martinez. Lanham, MD: Rowan and Littlefield, 2012. ISBN 978-1-4422-1498-9, 344 pp., cloth, $45.00.
Iron Coffin: War, Technology, and Experience aboard the USS Monitor. Updated edition. David A. Mindell. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012. ISBN 978-1-4214-0520-9, 208 pp., paper, $23.00.
Civil War Talks: Further Reminiscences of George S. Bernard and His Fellow Veterans. Ed. Hampton Newsome, John Horn, and John G. Selby. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8139-3175-3, 512 pp., cloth, $35.00.
The Kentucky Derby: How the Run for the Roses Became America’s Premier Sporting Event. James C. Nicholson. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2012. ISBN 978-0-8131-3576-2, 296 pp., cloth, $29.95.
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