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DRJ lists all books received, including those scheduled for future reviews.

Barlow, Jeremy. 2012. A Dance Through Time: Images of Western Social Dancing from the Middle Ages to Modern Times. Oxford, UK: Bodleian Press.
Brooks, Lynn Matluck. 2011. John Durang: Man of the American Stage. Amherst, NY: Cambria.
Cash, Jennifer R. 2012. Villages on Stage: Folklore and Nationalism in the Republic of Moldova. Munster, Germany: LIT Verlag.
Daniel, Yvonne. 2011. Caribbean and Atlantic Diaspora Dance: Igniting Citizenship. Champagne, IL: University of Illinois Press.
De Keersmaeker, Anne Teresa, and Bojana Cvejić. 2012. A Choreographer's Score: Fase, Rosas danst Rosas, Elena's Aria, Bartók. Brussels: Mercatorfonds.
Franceschina, John. 2012. Hermes Pan: The Man Who Danced with Fred Astaire. New York: Oxford University Press.
Franko, Mark. 2012. Martha Graham in Love and War: The Life in the Work. New York: Oxford University Press.
Gitelman, Claudia, and Barbara Palfy, eds. 2012. On Stage Alone: Soloists and the Modern Dance Canon. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida Press.
Haller, Robert A. 2012. Flesh into Light: The Films of Amy Greenfield. Bristol, UK: Intellect.
Hanna, Judith Lynne. 2012. Naked Truth: Strip Clubs, Democracy, and a Christian Right. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.
Imada, Adria L. 2012. Aloha America: Hula Circuits Through the U.S. Empire. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Levitz, Tamara. 2012. Modernist Mysteries: Perséphone. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
Main, Lesley. 2012. Directing the Dance Legacy of Doris Humphrey: The Creative Impulse of Reconstruction. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press.
Manning, Susan, and Lucia Ruprecht, eds. 2012. New German Dance Studies. Champagne, IL: University of Illinois Press.
Pappacena, Flavia, ed. 2012. Jean-Georges Noverre: Lettere sulla Danza, sui Balletti e sulle Arti (1803). Lucca, Italy: Libreria Musicale Italiana.
Pappacena, Flavia, ed. 2012. Jean-Georges Noverre: Lettres sur la danse, sur les ballets et les arts (1803). Introduction translated by Kenneth Hurry. Lucca, Italy: Libreria Musicale Italiana.
Pappacena, Flavia. 2012. The Language of Classical Ballet: Guide to the Interpretation of Iconographic Sources. Translated by Bruce Michelson. Rome, Italy: Gremese.
Reynolds, Dee, and Matthew Reason, eds. 2012. Kinesthetic Empathy in Creative and Cultural Practices. Bristol, UK: Intellect.
Rosenberg, Douglas. 2011. Screendance: Inscribing the Ephemeral Image. New York: Oxford University Press.
Strauss, Marc Raymond, with Myron Howard Nadel. 2012. Looking at Contemporary Dance: A Guide for the Internet Age. Hightstown, NJ: Princeton Book Company. [End Page 141]


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