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Journal of the History of Philosophy 39.4 (2001) 615-618

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Contents for Volume XXXIX (2001)


A New Look at the Prime Mover, DAVID BRADSHAW 1

Suárez' Doctrine of Eternal Truths, AMY KAROFSKY 23

Sensible Ends: Latent Teleology in Descartes' Account of Sensation, ALISON SIMMONS 49

Malebranche's Distinction Between General and Particular Volitions, ANDREW PESSIN 77

Getting Maimon's Goad: Discursivity, Skepticism, and Fichte's Idealism, PETER THIELKE 101

Aristotle as A-Theorist: Overcoming The Myth of Passage, JACQUELINE MARINA AND FRANKLIN Mason 169

Some Thoughts on What Spinoza Learned From Maimonides About the Prophetic Imagination, Part One: Maimonides on Prophecy and the Imagination, HEIDI M. RAVVEN 193

Descartes' Dualism: Correcting Some Misconceptions, ANDREA CHRISTOFIDOU 215

Berkeley's Christian Neoplatonism, Archetypes, and Divine Ideas, STEPHEN H. DANIEL 239

Substitutes for Wisdom: Kant's Practical Thought and the Tradition of theTemperaments, MARK LARRIMORE 259

What's Wrong with These Cities? The Social Dimension of sophrosune in Plato's Charmides, THOMAS M. TUOZZO 321

Hume's Pyrrhonian Skepticism and the Belief in Causal Laws, GRACIELA DE PIERRIS 351 Some Thoughts on What Spinoza Learned from Maimonides on the Prophetic Imagination, Part Two: Spinoza's Maimonideanism, HEIDI M. RAVVEN 385

Dilthey's Epistemology of the Geisteswissenschaften: Between Lebensphilosophie and Wissenschaftstheorie, JAMES REID 407

"By the Things Themselves": Eudaimonism, Direct Acquaintance, and Illumination in Augustine's De Magistro, MICHAEL MENDELSON 467

Worthy Constraints in Albertus Magnus's Theory of Action, COLLEEN MCCLUSKEY 491

Tolerance as a Virtue in Spinoza's Ethics, MICHAEL ROSENTHAL 535

Problems in Kant's Vindication of Pure Reason, TED KINNAMAN 559 [End Page 615]

Book Reviews

Gareth B. Matthews, Socratic Perplexity and the Nature of Philosophy Thomas C. Brickhouse and Nicholas D. Smith, The Philosophy of Socrates, ROSLYN WEISS 137

Helen S. Lang, The Order of Nature in Aristotle's Physics: Place and the Elements, ISTVÁN BODNÁR 139

Paul Potter and John P. Wright, editors, Psyche and Soma:Physicians and Metaphysicians on the Mind-Body Problem from Antiquity to Enlightenment, RICHARD A. WATSON 142

Scott MacDonald and Eleonore Stump, editors, Aquinas's Moral Theory. Essays in Honor of Norman Kretzmann, CHRISTINA VAN DYKE 143

Nicholas Jolley, Locke. His Philosophical Thought, UDO THIEL 145

Gianluca Mori, Bayle philosophe Stefano Brogi, Teologia senza verità: Bayle contro i "rationaux", JOHN CHRISTIAN LAURSEN 146

Reinhard Brandt, Kritischer Kommentar zu Kants Anthropologie in pragmatischer Hinsicht (1798), G. FELICITAS MUNZEL 149

Allen W. Wood, Kant's Ethical Thought, NELSON POTTER 151

Dieter Sturma, Philosophie der Person. Die Selbstverhältnisse von Subjektivität und Moralität, DOROTHEA WILDENBURg 153

Terry Pinkard, Hegel: A Biography, MICHAEL E. ZIMMERMAN 155

Paul Franco, Hegel's Philosophy of Freedom, ANDREW KELLEY 156

Christopher Janaway, editor, The Cambridge Companion to Schopenhauer, DANIEL SCHUMAN 158

Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl, Edmund Husserl. Zeitlichkeit und Intentionalität, CHRISTIAN LOTZ 160

Avrum Stroll, Twentieth Century Analytic Philosophy, A. P. MARTINICH 161

Sara S. Monoson, Plato's Democratic Entanglements: Athenian Politics and the Practice of Philosophy, DEBRA NAILS 289

Malcolm Wilson, Aristotle's Theory of the Unity of Science, J. H. LESHER 290

Jorge Secada, Cartesian Metaphysics: The Scholastic Origins of Modern Philosophy, PATRICK FRIERSON 292

Peter A. Schouls, Descartes and the Possibility of Science, MARGARET J. OSLER 294

John Locke, The Reasonableness of Christianity, Walter R. Ott 296

George S. Pappas, Berkeley's Thought, GARY L. CESARZ 297

D. Z. Phillips and Timothy Tessin, editors, Religion and Hume's Legacy, JAMES FIESER 299

Robert Louden, Kant's Impure Ethics: From Rational Beings to Human Beings, FREDERICK RAUSCHER 300

Sally Sedgwick, editor, The Reception of Kant's Critical Philosophy: Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel, KEVIN ZANELOTTI 302 [End Page 616]

Armin G. Wildfeuer, Praktische Vernunft und System. Entwicklungsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen zur ursprunglichen Kant-Rezeption Johann Gottlieb Fichtes, GUNTER ZOLLER 304

J. G. Fichte, Foundations of Natural Right According to the Principles of the Wissenschaftslehre, DANIEL BREAZEALE 305

Paola Mayer, Jena Romanticism and Its Appropriation of Jakob Böhme: Theosophy, Hagiography, Literature, MICHAEL G. VATER 307

Joseph Hamburger, John Stuart Mill on Liberty and Control

C. L. Ten, editor, Mill's Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy, DANIEL E...


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