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Brief Notices
Harvey Young, ed. The Cambridge Companion to African American Theatre. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. Pp. xix + 291. $90.00 cloth, $29.99 paper.

This volume begins with a list of illustrations (ix), notes on contributors (x-xii), acknowledgments (xiii), a chronology (xiv-xix), and an introduction by the editor (1-14). The primary text includes the following essays: Douglas A. Jones, Jr., "Slavery, Performance, and the Design of African American Theatre" (15-33); Heather S. Nathans, "Slave Rebellions on the National Stage" (34-58); Monica White Ndounou, "Early Black Americans on Broadway" (59-84); Soyica Diggs Colbert, "Drama in the Harlem Renaissance" (85-102); Jonathan Shandell, "The Negro Little Theatre Movement" (103-17); Adrienne Macki Braconi, "African American Women Dramatists, 1930-1960" (118-36); Aimee Zygmonski, "Amiri Baraka and the Black Arts Movement" (137-54); Samuel O'Connell, "Fragmented Musicals and 1970s Soul Aesthetic" (155-73); Faedra Chatard Carpenter, "Spectacles of Whiteness from Adrienne Kennedy to Suzan-Lori Parks" (174-95); Nadine George-Graves, "African American Performance and Community Engagement" (196-214); Sandra G. Shannon, "Women Playwrights Who Cross Cultural Borders" (215-29); Sandra L. Richards, "African Diaspora Drama" (230-54); Harry J. Elam, Jr., "Black Theatre in the Age of Obama" (255-78). The text concludes with a list of further reading (279-85) and an index (286-91).

Jessica Dell, David Klausner, and Helen Ostovich, eds. The Chester Cycle in Context, 1555-1575: Religion, Drama, and the Impact of Change. Farnham: Ashgate, 2012. Pp. xiii + 230. $99.95.

This volume begins with a list of figures (vii-viii), notes on contributors (ix-xii) and acknowledgments (xii). Following an introduction by the editors (1-18), the primary text includes essays in four parts. Part 1, "The Chester Script," includes: Alexandra F. Johnston, "The Text of the Chester Plays in 1572: [End Page 143] Conjectural Re-Construction" (19-36); David Mills in conjunction with his wife, Joy, "In the Beginning! A New Look at Chester Play One, Lines 1-51" (37-46). Part 2, "Faith and Doubt," includes: Erin E. Kelly, "Doubt and Religious Drama Across Sixteenth-Century England, or Did the Middle Ages Believe in Their Plays?" (47-64); Matthew Sergi, "Dice at Chester's Passion" (65-78); John T. Sebastian, "'Whye ys they cloathinge now so reedd?': Salvific Blood in the Chester Ascension" (79-92); Margaret Rogerson, "Affective Piety: A 'Method' for Medieval Actors in the Chester Cycle" (93-110). Part 3, "Elizabethan Religion(s)," includes: Paul Whitfield White, "The Chester Cycle and Early Elizabethan Religion" (111-32); Kurt A. Schreyer, "'Erazed in the booke'?: Periodization and the Material Text of the Chester Banns" (133-48). Part 4, "Space and Place in Chester," includes: Sheila Christie, "When in Rome: Shifting Conceptions of the Chester Cycle's Roman References in Pre- and Post-Reformation England" (149-60); Mark Faulkner, "Exegesis in the City: The Chester Plays and Earlier Chester Writing" (161-78); Heather S. Mitchell-Buck, "Maintaining the Realm: City, Commonwealth, and Crown in Chester's Midsummer Plays" (179-92). JoAnna Dutka contributes an afterword: "Origins and Continuities: F. M. Salter and the Chester Plays" (193-200). The text concludes with a bibliography (201-18) and an index (219-30).

Graley Herren. Text & Presentation, 2012. Jefferson: McFarland & Company, 2013. Pp. viii + 218. $59.95.

Following acknowledgments (v-viii) and a preface (1-6) this volume includes transcripts of the following panels and original papers presented at the 36th annual Comparative Drama Conference: "A Conversation with Paula Vogel" (7-22); "Theatre Critics Roundtable Discussion: Journalistic Criticism in Contemporary Culture" (23-39); Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr., "Cassandra, Ghostface, and Fate: Greek Tragedy and the Contemporary Horror Film" (40-49); Doug Phillips, "In Search of the Inmost Self: Hamlet, Heidegger, and the Thing of the Play" (50-60); Ann M. Shanahan, "The Novel as Drama: Staging Theatrical Aspects of the Narrative in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park" (61-77); Annalise Dias-Mandoly, "Staging the American West: Liminality and Identity in David Belasco's 1905 Production of The Girl of the Golden West" (78-91); Sebastian Trainor, "Rachilde's Supermale of Letters and the Invention of the Ubu Roi Riot" (92-108); Ryan Sheets, "Refusing Election: Ethical Failure in W...