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Contributors • GABRIELE SCOTT ROBINSON is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has published several articles on contemporary dramatists. THOMAS A. KAMLA is Assistant Professor of German at Carnegie-Mellon University. His area of interest is German exile literature, and his publications include a book entitled Confrontation with Exile: Studies in the German Novel. PETER RUPPERT is Assistant Professor of Modern Languages at Florida State University. His publications include a recent article on Max Frisch in Monatshefte and a forthcoming article on Sartre and Rilke in Comparative Literature. He is currently working on a book about Frisch's plays. WILLIAM BABULA is Associate Professor of English at the University of Miami. He has published articles in Modern Drama, as well as many articles on Elizabethan plays in The Dalhousie Revue, and Tennessee Studies in Literature. SANDRA MESSINGER CYPESS is a member of the Modern Languages Department of Carnegie -Mellon University. Her special interests are in narrative technique and Latin American Drama. Publications on these topics have appeared in Latin American Theatre Revue and Hispania. She is currently working on a study of women dramatists in Mexico , Argentina and Brazil. RICHARD M. COE is Assistant Professor of Rhetoric at Boston University. He has published, and has written on rhetorical theory and pedagogy for such journals as College English, College Composition and Communication, and ETC.. A Review ofGeneral Semantics. LAWRENCE I. ElLENBERG has taught theatre history and criticism at Cornell University and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Speech at the University of Michigan. He has also published in The Journal ofA esthetic Education. EDITOR'S NOTE As announced in the previous number, Modern Drama plans to mark the U.S. Bicentennial with a special issue devoted to critical studies of modern American drama and its development. This issue will be published in December 1976. Two members of our Editorial Board who are specialists in the field have kindly agreed to coordinate the project. Professor Walter J. Meserve of Indiana University has consented to act as Guest Editor of the special issue. Professor Lise-Lone Marker of the University of Toronto will serve as co-editor. Submissions are welcome , and may deal with any significant aspect of American drama in the modern period. Contributors are invited to submit articles to our Toronto address in the usual manner, or, if they wish, to communicate directly with the Guest Editor ofthe issue: Professor Walter J. Meserve Department ofTheatre and Drama Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana 47401 In any case, submissions must be received by June 30, 1976 to be considered for the special number. FREDERICK J. MARKER Editor ...


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