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Table of Contents Volume XVIII, 1975 • The Action and Its Significance: Arthur Miller's Struggle with,Dramatic Form ORM OVERLAND All My Sons and the Larger Context BARRY GROSS Arthur Miller's Incident at Vichy: A Sartrean Interpretation LAWRENCE D. LOWENTHAL Being and Perception: Beckett's Film VINCENT J. MURPHY Dada, Surrealism, and the Genesis of Not I ENOCH BRATER "To Make a Short Beckett piece" MERRIE LONDON Modern Drama Studies: An Annual Bibliography CHARLES A. CARPENTER A Calendar for the Production and Reception of Cathleen Ni Houlihan ANTONY COLEMAN Singular Voices: Monologue and Monodrama in the Plays ofW.B. Yeats ANDREW PARKIN Biblical Myth Shavianized SUSAN c. STONE An Giall and The Hostage Compared RICHARD WALL Peter Terson's Vale of Evesham GILLETTE ELVGREN JR. The Aggressive "Theatrum Mundi" of Edward Bond: Narrow Road to the Deep North ADOLF K.H. BARTH I 15 29 43 49 60 61 127 141 153 165 173 189 Exploiting Art: The Pictures in Bernard Shaw's Plays STANLEY WEINTRAUB 215 Individual and Society in the Early Plays of John Arden PAUL W. DAY 239 Beckett's Play: The Circular Line of Existence SHOSHANA AVIGAL 251 Madness in the Plays of Eugene O'Neill ARTHUR H. NETHERCOT 259 L'Anti-Theatre, ou L'Excommunication de Theramene CLAUDE AVELINE 281 Spherical Tragedies and Comedies with Corpses: Witkacian Tragicomedy BERNARD F. DUKORE 291 The Games Diirrenmatt Plays GABRIELE SCOTT ROBINSON 325 Remobilization from the Left in Peter Weiss' Viet Nam Discourse THOMAS A. KAMLA 337 Possibility and Form in Max Frisch's Biography: A Game PETER RUPPERT 349 Physical Imagery in the Works of Griselda Gambaro SANDRA MESSINGER CYPESS 357 Three Sisters, Time, and the Audience WILLIAM BABULA 365 Beyond Absurdity: Albee's Awareness of Audience in Tiny Alice RICHARD M. COE 371 Rehearsal as Critical Method: Pinter's Old Times LAWRENCE I. ElLENBERG 385 Books Reviewed in Volume XVIII • L'Esthetique de la Cruaule, by Franco Tonelli (Bettina L. Knapp) 117 Bertold Brecht Arbeitsjournal, by Werner Hecht (John Fuegi) 118 Victorian Stage Pulpiteer: George Bernard Shaw's Crusade, by Alan P. Barr (J. Percy Smith) 121 Bernard Shaw, Playwright: Aspects of Shavian Drama, by Bernard F. Dukore (Robertson Davies) 122 The Iceman, The Arsonist, and the Troubled Agent: Tragedy and Melodrama on the Modern Stage, by Robert B. Heilman (Ann P. Messenger) 123 Theater in der Zeitenwende: Zur Geschichte des Dramas und des Schauspieltheaters in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik 1945-1968, ed. Werner Mittenzwei et. al. (John Fuegi) 125 The Three Masks ofAmerican Tragedy, by Dan Vogel (Mark W. Estrin) 201 Three Hundred Years of American Drama and Theater: From Ye Bear and Ye Cubb to Hair, by Garff B. Wilson (Joseph Donohue) 203 The Political Stage, by Malcolm Goldstein (Stephen Greco) 204 Saint Joan Fifty Years After: 192314 - 197314, ed. Stanley Weintraub (B.F. Dukore ) 205 Bernard Shaw and the Art ofDrama, by Charles A. Berst (B.F. Dukore) 205 The Marriage ofContraries: Bernard Shaw's Middle Plays, by J.L. Wisenthal (B.F. Dukore) 205 The Collected Letters ofSir Arthur Pinero, ed. J.P. Wearing (Walter Lazenby) 210 Ensavos Sobre el Teatro Moderno, by Jose Ramon Cortina (Erminio G. Neglia) 212 The Major Works ofBrendan Behan, by Peter Rene Gerdes (Richard Wall) 213 English Drama 1900 - 1930: The Beginnings of the Modern Period, by Allardyce Nicoll (Robertson Davies) 317 Le Theatre de Derision, by Emmanuel Jacquart (Ruby Cohn) 393 Six Dramatists in Search of a Language: Studies in Dramatic Language, by Andrew K. Kennedy (J.L. Styan) 394 Back to Beckett, by Ruby Cohn (Vincent J. Murphy) 395 Arthur Adamov, by John H. Reilly (Margaret Dietemann) 397 Toward a Modern Theatre: Kishido Kunio, by J. Thomas Rimer (Frank Hoff) 398 Ismael i Oknen: Strindberg som Mystiker, by G6ran Stockenstrom (Harry Lane) 399 The Illusion: An Essay on Politics, Theatre and the Novel, by David Caute (Edward M. Berckman) 401 Plays, Politics, and Polemics, by Catharine Hughes (Edward M. Berckman) 401 People's Theatre in Amerika, by Karen Malpede Taylor (Edward M. Berckman) 403 Guerilla Theater: Scenarios for Revolution, by John Weisman (Edward M. Berckman ) 403 Three Works by the Open Theater, ed. Karen Malpede (Eileen Blumenthal) 404 The Pirandellian Mode in Spanish...


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