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Modern Drama Studies: An Annual Bibliography SHARON BROWN WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF SANDRA ALSTON JOHN BALL REBECCA CAMERON AND MICHAEL McKINNIE 1994 marks the beginning of the third decade of publication of Modern Drama Studies: An Annual Bibliography. The basic principles and limitations described in the June 1984 issue remain the same, as does its primary objective , which is to record current scholarship, criticism, and commentary that may prove valuable to students ofdramatic literature and, to a lesser extent, of theatre history. The bibliography embraces all the expected areas and topics of modem world drama, including playwrights who lived past 1899 "(plus Becque) and influential theatre figures other than performers. Reviews, reprinted books, unpublished theses, and graduate-student periodicals are generally excluded. The annual bibliography also serves as a supplement to Charles Carpenter's Modern Drama Scholarship and Criticism 1¢6-1980: An International Bibliography (University of Toronto Press, 1986). The checklist is divided as follows: A General and Miscellan~ous (including reference works) B. American C British and Irish D Canadian E Hispanic (including Portuguese) F French (including Belgian) G Italian H Germanic (including Austrian, Swiss, and Dutch) J Scandinavian K Eastern European (Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Balkan, Baltic) L Post-Colonial and Asian "Ge!leral and Miscellaneous" includes those works which do not fit into any other category, except on occasion a general geographic one. Geographic cat- 244 An Annual Bibliography egories are arranged so that general geographic one. Geographic categories are arranged·so that general and miscellaneous titles come first, followed by specific subjects which properly belong to that same geographic area. An article about several Canadian playwrights will therefore be found first in the general Canadian section, and then under each of the playwrights discussed, following the general Canadian section. With this edition, several editorial changes have been made. Journal titles, publishers, places of publication and names used as subjects are given in full except where convention dictates otherwise. For example, American Notes and Queries has changed its name to ANQ, while the Journal ofEnglish Literary History is always cited as ELH. Subtitles of journals are not given in the. entries, but are included in the "List of Journals Cited, 1994" below. A major change is the elimination of cross references in favour of full citations for every occurrence of an entry. MLA conventions for capitalizing have been used for English language journals, but an attempt has been made in the case of foreign language journals to follow the practice usual for a given language. Standard Turabian bibliographic form is used consistently throughout. Entries cover 1992 and as much of 1993 as was available by March 1994. Because of its size, currency and particular strength in the area of modem drama, Harvard University's online library catalogue was the main source used for monographic entries other than Canadian. The editor is deeply indebted to Sandra Alston, who guided us through an excellent but unfamiliar bibliography software program and without whose help the bibliography would not have happened this year. The assistance of former editor Linda Corman and of compilers John Ball, Rebecca Cameron, and Michael McKinnie was invaluable, as was that of many other colleagues at the University of Toronto who helped out, especially with the proof-reading of the foreign languages. Sincere thanks to you all! LIST OF JOURNALS CITED, 1994 American Review of Canadian Studies American Studies American Studies International ANQ (formerly: American Notes and Queries) Anuario de estudios filologicos Arizona Quarterly Arts Atlantic Australasian Drama Studies Australian-Canadian Studies Australian Journal of French Studies Belfagor: rassegna di varia umanita Books in Canada An Annual BihIiograph Brick British Journal of Canadian Studies Bulletin hispanique Cahiers Jean Giraudoux Canadian Journal of Irish Studies Canadian Literature Canadian Review of Comparative Literature Canadian Slavonic Papers Canadian Theatre Review Centennial Review Classical and Modern Literature Communications from the International Brecht Society Comparative Drama Comparative Literature Studies Critica letteraria Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts Cuadernos hispanoamericanos Dalhousie French Studies Dalhousie Review Degres: revue de synthese aorientation semiologique 245 Der Deutschunterricht: Beitriige zu seiner Praxis und wissenschaftlichen Grundlegung Dialog: miesi~cznik poswi~cony dramaturgii wspi>lczesnej: teatralnej, filmowej , radiowej, telewizyjnej Drama Review Edda Eire/Ireland: A Journal...


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