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Contents of Volume XXXII Number I, March ! 989 Introduction I JEANNETTE LA!LLOU SAVONA AND ANN WILSON Guest Editors Contemporary Women's Voices in French Theatre 5 JUDITH GRAYES MILLER L'Indiade: Ariane's and H6lene's Conjugate Dreams 24 ANNE-MARIE PICARD Writing Across Purposes: the Theatre of Marguerite Duras and Nathalie Sarrau!e 39 JANICE BERKOWITZ GROSS Feminist Theory and the Problem of Perfonnance 48 JANELLE REINELT Mimesis, Mimicry. and the 'True-Real' 58 EUN DIAMOND 600 Index History and Hysteria: Writing the Body in Portrait ofDora and Signs ofLife 73 ANN WILSON Extremities and Masterpieces: A Feminist Paradigm of Art and Politics 89 TRACY C. DAVIS Locked Behind the Proscenium: Feminist Strategies in Getting Out and My Sister in this House 104 PATRICIA R. SCHROEDER Realism, Narrative, and the Feminist Playwright A Problem of Reception I 15 JEANIE FORTE Lillian Hellman's Watch 011 the Rhine: Realism, Gender, and Historical Crisis 128 VIVIAN M. PATRAKA Breaking the Code: Musings on Lesbian Sexuality and the Perfonner 146 JILL DOLAN BOOK REVIEWS CASE, SUE-ELLEN, Feminism and Theatre by Rosette C. Lamont 159 OOLAN, JILL, The Feminist Spectator as Critic by Lynda Hart 161 CHINDY. HELEN KRICH, AND LINDA WALSH JENKINS, eds., Women in American Theatre, and BETSKO, KATHLEEN, AND RACHEL KOENIG, eds., Inlerviews with COnlemporary Women Playwrights by Karen Laughlin 163 HART, LYNDA, ed., Making a Spectacle: Feminist Essays on Contemporary Women' s Theatre by L. Patricia Ives 167 WANDOR, MICHELENE, Look Back in Gender: Sexuality and the Family in Postwwar British Drama by Amelia Howe Kritzer 169 SAKELLARIDOU, ELIZABETH, Pinter's Female Portraits: A Study ofFemale Characters in the Plays ofHarold Pinier by Susan Hollis Merritt 171 Index Number 2. June 1989 Missing Lines In Long Day's Journey Into Night 177 MICHAEL HINDEN Writers with Dirty Hands: Howard Brenton's A Sky Blue Life: Scenes after Maxim Gorki 183 RICHARD BOON Modem Drama Studies: An Annual Bibliography 192 CHARLES A. CARPENTER NOTES 601 CELTIC GODS AS CATALYSTS IN SEAN O'CASEY'S PURPLE DUST by Ronald Rollins 313 HAPGOOD-A QUESTION OF GAMESMANSHIP? by Christopher Innes 315 BOOK REVIEWS PETER, JOHN, Vladimir's Carrot: Modern Drama and 'he Modem Imagination by James Fisher 318 THOMPSON, JUDlTH J., Tennessee Williams' Plays: Memory, Myth, and Symbol by Thomas P. Adler 319 KOLIN, PHILIP C. , ed.• Conversations with Edward Albee; ROUDANt, MATTHEW C., Conversations with Arthur Miller; SCHLUETER. JUNE AND JAMES K. FLANAGAN , Arthur Miller by Thomas P. Adler 321 HERMAN. WILLIAM, Understanding Contemporary American Drama; ROUDAN~, MATTHEW C., Understanding Edward Albee by Lynda Hart 324 SAVRAN. DAVID, In Their Own Words: Contemporary American Playwrights by Philip c.Kolin 327 Number 3. September 1989 Granville Barker and Galsworthy: Questions of Censorship 33I CHRISTOPHER INNES Index Eluding the Censor: From Script to Improvisation in Palitica 345 VICKY UNRUH Ireneusz IredyIiski's Drama of Exposure 356 MARC ROBINSON The Dramaturgy of the Other: Diegetic Patterns in Synge's The Playboy ofthe Western World 374 UNA CHAUDHURI Women Dancing: The Structure of Gender in Yeats's Early Plays for Dancers 387 AMY KORITZ The Voice of Absent Love in Krapp's Last Tape and Company 40[ MARY F. CATANZARO Anger and the Actor: Another Look Back 413 ROBERT G. EGAN Alan Ayckbourn's Liza Doolittle 425 BERNARD F. DUKORE Tom Stoppard Radioactive: A Sounding of the Radio Plays 440 KATHERINE E. KELLY BOOK REVIEWS MURPHY, BRENDA, American Realism and American Drama, 1880-1940 by James Fisher 453 ROLLYSON, CARL, Lillian Hellman: Her Legend and her Legacy by Jacob H. Adler 454 Index KOLIN, PHILIP C., David Robe: A Stage History and A Primary afld Secondary Bibliography by Laura Morrow 456 SANDERS, LESLIE CATHERINE, The Development ofBlack Theater in America: From Shadows to Selves by Tim Youngs 458 GALE, STEVEN H . , ed., Harold Pinter: Critical Approaches; SCOTT, MICHAEL, ed., Harold Pinter: The Birthday Party, The Caretaker, The Homecoming: A Casebook by Susan Hollis Merritt 459 YOUNG, JORDAN R., The Beckett Actor by Rosette C. Lamont 462 HiLTON , JULIAN. Performance by James Norwood 464 Number 4, December 1989 Strindberg's Miss Julie and the Legend of Salome 469 BRIAN PARKER Prisoners of Their Plots: Literary Allusion and the Satiric Drama of Self·Consciousness in...


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