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  • Back issue index of Film History – volumes 1–24 (1987–2012)

Volume 1, Number 1, 1987

‘We Can’t Get Much Spinach’: The Organization and Implementation of the Fleischer Animation Strike, by Harvey Deneroff

Jack London and the Movies, by Robert S. Birchard

A World Across from Broadway: The Shuberts and the Movies, by Kevin Lewis

G.W. Pabst in Hollywood, by Jan-Christopher Horak

‘No Problems. They Liked What They Saw on the Screen’: An Interview with Joseph Ruttenberg, by Richard and Diane Koszarski

Volume 1, Number 2, 1987

The Western, 1909–1914: A Cast of Villains, by Peter Stanfield

Hungry Hearts: A Hollywood Social Problem Film of the 1920s, by Kevin Brownlow

National Film and Video Storage Survey Report and Results, by Stephen Gong

French and British Influences in Porter’s American Fireman, by Martin Sopocy

Commercial Propaganda in the Silent Film: A Case Study of A Mormon Maid, by Richard Alan Nelson

A World Across from Broadway (II): Filmography of the World Film Corporation, 1913–1922, by Kevin Lewis

Volume 1, Number 3, 1987

United States of America vs. Motion Picture Patents Company and others: Brief for the United States

Volume 1, Number 4, 1987

Between Reform and Regulation: The Struggle Over Film Censorship in Progressive America, 1909–1922, by Nancy Rosenbloom

Marriage – The Ideal and the Reel: or, The Cinematic Marriage Manual, by Lisa L. Rudman

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle: An Introduction, by Kay Sloan

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle: The Original Continuity, by Lois Weber and Phillips Smalley

The Production of George Stoney’s Film All My Babies: A Midwife’s Own Story, by Lynne Jackson

Review – Before Hollywood: Turn-of-the-Century Film From American Archives, by Robert S. Birchard

Volume 2, Number 1, 1988

The Armat-Jenkins Dispute and the Museums, by H. Mark Gosser

The Moving Picture World of W. Stephen Bush, by Richard L. Stromgren

The Black Action Film: The End of the Patiently Enduring Black Hero, by Mark A. Reid

Early Home Cinema and the Edison Home Projecting Kinetoscope, by Ben Singer

The Great Northern Film Company: Nordisk Film in the American Motion Picture Market, by Ron Mottram

NR=MC2: Rossellini, Neo-Realism, and Croce, by Tag Gallagher

Volume 2, Number 2, 1988

Life After Divorce: The Corporate Strategy of Paramount Pictures Corporation in the 1950s, by Timothy R. White

Labor Power and Organization in the Early U.S. Motion Picture Industry, by Michael C. Nielsen

Include Me Out: Samuel Goldwyn and Joe Godsol, by Kevin Lewis and Arnold Lewis

Cabiria, an Incomplete Masterpiece: The Quest for the Original 1914 Version, by Paolo Cherchi Usai

From Edendale to E.H. Allen: An Interview with Jack White, by David N. Bruskin

Volume 2, Number 3, 1988

The Making (and Unmaking) of Pull My Daisy, by Blaine Allan

Dollars and Ideology: Will Hays’ Economic Foreign Policy, 1922–1945, by Ian Jarvie

Cel Animation: Mass Production and Marginalization in the Animated Film Industry, by David Callahan

The Key Animation Patents, by Bray-Hurd

Professional Results with Amateur Ease: The Formation of Amateur Filmmaking Aesthetics, 1923–1940, by Patricia R. Zimmermann

In the Morning, by Erich von Stroheim

Volume 2, Number 4, 1988

The Spectre of Joan of Arc: Textual Variations in the Key Prints of Carl Dreyer’s Film, by Tony Pipolo [End Page 490]

Orson Welles, George Schaefer and It’s All True: A ‘Cursed’ Production, by Richard B. Jewell

Iwasaki and the Occupied Screen, by Erik Barnouw

The Development of Cinemascope, by Herbert E. Bragg

The Films of Mabel Normand, by Betty Fussell

Four Tributes: Jean Mitry, Jay Leyda, George Pratt and Jacques Ledoux, by William Gilcher, Elena Pinto Simon, Herbert Reynolds and William K. Everson

Volume 3, Number 1, 1989

The First Moving Picture in Arizona – or Was It? The Tragic Tale of C.L. White’s Marvelous Projectoscope Show in Arizona and New Mexico Territories, 1897–1898, by George C. Hall

The Edison – Biograph Patent Litigation of 1901–1907, by Martin Sopocy

Crossfire and Huac: Surviving the Slings and Arrows of the Committee, by Darryl Fox

Souvenir Postcards and the Development of the Star System, 1912–1914, by Q. David Bowers

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