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  • Forthcoming Articles

Almost Equal: The Method of Adequality from Diophantus to Fermat and Beyond
Mikhail Katz, David Schaps, and Steve Shnider

“The Most Philosophically Important of All the Sciences”: Karl Popper and Physical Cosmology
Helge Kragh

Fortunio Liceti on Mind, Light, and Immaterial Extension
Andreas Blank

Descartes on the Heartbeat: the Leuven Affair
Lucian Petrescu

The Notion of Limited Perfect Adaptedness in Darwin’s Principle of Divergence
Leonore Fleming

The Transformative Power of X-Rays in U.S. Scientific and Medical Litigation: Mechanical Objectivity in Smith v. Grant (1896).
Daniel Goldberg

“Logical Positivism”—“Logical Empiricism”: What’s in a Name?
Thomas Uebel


The Copernican Question Revisited: A Reply to Noel Swerdlow and John Heilbron
Robert Westman



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