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Register Index:
Volume 110 (2012)


Aaron, Ky.: and Garlin M. Conner, 67, 70, 87

abolitionism: issue in Ky., 266-91

Abraham and Mary Lincoln, by Kenneth J. Winkle: listed, 609

Abraham Lincoln and Horace Greeley, by Gregory A. Borchard: listed, 610

Abraham Lincoln and White America, by Brian R. Dirck: reviewed, 599-602

Adam, John D.: "The Berea College Mission to the Mountains: Teacher Training, the Normal Department, and Rural Community Development," 33-66

Adath Israel (Louisville, Ky.), 167-69, 174; new building of, 178

Adler, Louis: Civil War service of, 170

Adler, Rosenfield, and Strauss (Louisville, Ky.): clothing firm of, 176

Afghanistan: and Operation Enduring Freedom, 157

Africa: during the Cold War, 157; culture of, 301; during World War II, 71-72

African Americans: in Civil War-Era Kentucky, 231-584; Civil War recruitment of, 239, 422-24, 464-67, 492-95, 503-7, 526-27; in the Jackson Purchase, 503-31; legislators from Ky., 533-57; and post-Civil War politics, 240, 581; and slave politics in Ky., 293-95

African Methodist Episcopal Church, 547; in Nicholasville, Ky., 322

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church: in Louisville, Ky., 545

Air Force Cross, 90

Alabama, 538; during the Civil War, 457, 485; and secession, 284, 286, 309

Albany, Ky.: and Garlin M. Conner, 67, 69, 86

Albert Taylor Bledsoe: Defender of the Old South and Architect of the Lost Cause, by Terry A. Barnhart: reviewed, 206-9

Alexander, Walter Gilbert, 555

Algeria: during World War II, 71

Allardice, Bruce S.: and Lawrence Lee Hewitt, eds., Kentuckians in Gray: Confederate Generals and Field Officers of the Bluegrass State, 234

Alpha Company, Eighth Tank Battalion: U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, 142

"'Alsace-Lorraine of Pragmatism Between the Crusaders': Kentucky in the Civil War Era," by John David Smith, 231-41

Alsace region (France): during World War II, 80

Ambrose, Douglas: book review by, 206-9

American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture and the Land, edited by Edwin C. Hagenstein, Sara M. Gregg, and Brian Donahue: reviewed, 105-7

American Missionary Association, 535

American Museum of Natural History (New York, N.Y.), 45

American Revolution, 389, 441

American Slavery, Irish Freedom: Abolition, Immigrant Citizenship, and the Transatlantic Movement for Irish Repeal, by Angela F. Murphy: reviewed, 111-13

American System, 304

Anacostia Flats (Washington, D.C.), 573

"'And All the Baptists in Kentucky Took the Name United Baptists': The Union of the Separate and Regular Baptists of Kentucky," by Keith Harper, 3-31

Anderson, Amanda, 516

Anderson, Charles W. Jr., 240, 555-56; political career of, 545-48

Anderson, Charley, 466

Anderson, Felix S., 557; political career of, 547-49 [End Page 611]

Anderson, Lee, 467

Anderson, Lucian, 513, 523, 530; and African American recruitment, 506; and election of 1863, 391-92

Anderson, Robert, 246, 449; Federal occupation of Ky., 338

Anderson-Mayer State Aid Act (1936): passage of, 546

Andover Seminary (Newton, Mass.), 37

Andrew Jackson: Symbol for an Age, by John William Ward, 576

Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction, by Eric McKitrick, 563

Andrews, Rob: essay by, 567-68

Antietam, Md.: battle of, 406

Anzio, Italy: World War II campaign of, 69, 74, 77

Appalachia: and Berea College, 33-66

Appalachian Mountains, 353

Appian Way (Italy): during World War II, 76

Apple, Charles C. ("Bud"): U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, 142

Apple, Lindsey, 478

Appomattox, Va., 435, 448, 459, 462, 477

Ardennes: during World War II, 80

Arkansas: African American legislators in, 534, 536; during the Civil War, 420-21

Arminianism: and Ky. Baptists, 5, 11-12

Army of Central Kentucky, 457

Arnett, Benjamin W., 541

Arnold, Benedict, 415

Aron, Stephen, 232

Articles of Confederation, 255, 380, 397

Asboth, Alexander: Federal occupation of Ky., 393

Ashby, Brother—, 20

Asheville Normal School (Asheville, N.C.), 57

Ashland (Henry Clay Estate, Lexington, Ky.), 245-46

Ashley, James M.: views on slavery, 368, 370-71

Association of American Universities: and Berea College, 51

Astor, Aaron, 234, 236, 440, 478; essay by, 567; Rebels on the Border: Civil War, Emancipation, and the Reconstruction of Kentucky and Missouri, reviewed, 607-9; "The Crouching Lion's Fate: Slave Politics and Conservative Unionism in Kentucky, 293-326

Atlanta, Ga., 555; Federal occupation of, 431

Austria: during World War...