restricted access DARE—: On Beyond Zydeco

The fifth volume of the Dictionary of American Regional English, ending with zydeco, was finished last year and published this spring. Since then the project has been working on preparing material for a sixth volume of supplemental materials (geographical and social maps, an index to the entries, and lists of responses to selected questions in the DARE questionnaire), which is to appear early next year, and for a corrected and enhanced online edition of the whole work, to be launched late next year. Plans are already being made for periodic updates and revisions of the online edition, which will take advantage not only of the thousands of new citations that have already been collected, but also of the many Web resources that have become available since the first three volumes were written. Future plans include a pilot project to test the feasibility of using modern methods—Web-based questionnaires and telephone interviews—to achieve the same sort of results as the original DARE fieldwork, and a project to make the sound recordings from the original fieldwork—along with a database containing detailed content listings—available on the Web.