restricted access What Makes a Working Paper in Economics Publishable?: A Tale from the Scientific Periphery

Research on scientific production and publications in the field of economics has positively boomed in the last few years. However, hardly any attention has been dedicated to the production of working papers and the consequences they may have within the institutions where they are produced. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the working papers produced and published from an institution that is relatively peripheral in terms of its production of research in economics. It mainly explores the probability of the working papers being published in peer-reviewed journals. Through the use of an extensive series of these working papers, produced between 1985 and the end of 2005, and through the estimation of a logistic regression model, it was concluded that the probability of international publication increases significantly when the working paper is recent and co-written with a researcher from a foreign institution. Such evidence suggests that for success in the ‘publish or perish’ world of scientific research, one has to be integrated into an international scientific network.