restricted access Scenes from My Life as the Abominable Snowman
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Scenes from My Life as the Abominable Snowman
  1. 1. The pseudo-mummification of a disembodied hand

  2. 2. Substitute for a doll or dog

  3. 3. Gargling consonants by myself in a snow-shaped crib

  4. 4. I exult in the dark on an ice-cold schist shelf

  5. 5. Communication in code, or popsicle sparrow

  6. 6. A brisket, a maths test, a kitten in a basket

  7. 7. Two haberdashers walk into a bar . . .

  8. 8. If enchilada, then no muy guapa

  9. 9. Six fingers, two thumbs, type 4a hair

  10. 10. Who ate the snows of yesteryear?

  1. 11. Combing the radar waves for insider information

  2. 12. I am mistaken for a black bear, a bald deer, a land whale, and blind eagle

  3. 13. On the paucity of human understanding

  4. 14. Evaded southpaw menace by briskly sketching an exit

  5. 15. Trapdoor 1, Homo sapiens 0

  6. 16. Soporific lull before the next defensive episode

  7. 17. I friend a bird with supersonic powers

  8. 18. Into the æther

  9. 19. Overview of Nebraska, with added narrative matter

  10. 20. Ruh-roh

  1. 21. Crash landing and bird's nest followed by partially abandoned cabin

  2. 22. As seen in shearling cap with tied-up earflaps

  3. 23. Flat as a catfish, pancake, ice rink, or beefsteak [End Page 93]

  4. 24. To mallet a mélange of local rabbits

  5. 25. Interior of tornado with bust, jug of flowers, and uprooted steer

  6. 26. Hello tundra

  7. 27. Pointer: optical illusion of Inuit turkey

  8. 28. In the hall of the doppelgängers

  9. 29. Hermeneutic fondue with surprise and chips

  10. 30. On the persistence of singularity [End Page 94]

Jane Yeh

Jane Yeh's first collection of poems, Marabou, was published in the United Kingdom by Carcanet and short-listed for the Whitbread, Forward, and Jerwood Aldeburgh prizes. Her second collection, The Ninjas, was published by Carcanet in November 2012.