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An Interlude:
A Dorothy Richardson Announcement

Beginning with this issue ELT on occasion will publish short pieces, usually primary materials. These "interludes" are curiosities we find intriguing and hope you do as well.

ELT Press published George H. Thomson's important volumes on Richardson in 1996 and 1999, both now also available as e-books through Johns Hopkins University Press's UPCC (University Press Content Consortium):

A Reader's Guide to Dorothy Richardson's "Pilgrimage" No. 11 in the 1880-1920 British Authors Series

Notes on "Pilgrimage": Dorothy Richardson Annotated No. 13 in the 1880-1920 British Authors Series

They have played a role in reviving interest in Richardson. We are pleased to hear that Oxford University Press is considering a much needed complete edition of her works.

Jacksons was a small specialist publisher, later incorporated into Joiner & Steele Publishing, that had, according to Professor Thomson, an ongoing, keen interest in Richardson's multivolume saga.

The references in Jacksons Bulletin are to the forthcoming Clear Horizon from Dent and the collected edition of Pilgrimage, which was in fact delayed until 1938.

Our thanks to the Special Collections at Washington University Libraries for permission to publish this. Joel Minor (Manuscripts, Modern Literature Curator) and Sarah Schnuriger (Special Collections Assistant) were helpful and generous with their time and expertise. [End Page 62]

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Jacksons Bulletin 1935 Richardson's Clear Horizon
Image courtesy of Washington University Libraries, St. Louis Department of Special Collections Manuscript Division

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Robert Langenfeld, Editor