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Index to Volume 40
Shears, Jonathon, ‘D----d corkscrew staircases’: Byron’s Hangovers 1
Stansbury, Heather, Bound By Blood: Incestuous Desire in the Works of Byron 17
Hurst, Mary, Byron’s Catholic Confessions 29
Gayle, N. E., The Other Ghost in Don Juan 41
Sheley, Erin, ‘Demolished Worlds’: Manfred and Sublime (Un)burial 51
Beatty, Bernard, The Byron Journal at Forty 103
White, Adam, Identity in Place: Lord Byron, John Clare and Lyric Poetry 115
Rawes, Alan, Byron’s Romantic Calvinism 129
Paterson-Morgan, Emily, Byron’s Armenian Epistles and the ‘doctrine of the serpent’ 143
Nilchian, Elham, Gul and Bulbul: Persian Love in Byron 155
Bond, Geoffrey, Derek Wise (30 June 1925 – 9 June 2012) 99
Alec-Smith, Alex, Report from the Salerooms 85
Kernberger, Katherine, ‘Lord Byron: Poetry in Manuscript, Poetry in Print’: Modern Language Association, Session 600: 7 January 2012 165
Callaghan, Madeleine and Valeria Vallucci, ‘Aspects of Byron’s Don Juan’: Nottingham Trent University, 5 May 2012 167
Taylor-Brown, Emilie, Student Byron Conference: ‘Byron Now’, Edge Hill University, 23 May 2012 171
Bhattacharji, Shobhana, 38th Annual International Byron Society Conference: ‘Lord Byron and Genre’, Notre Dame University–Louaize, Lebanon, 1–6 July 2012 175
Spector, Sheila A., Byron and the Jews (Bernard Beatty) 59
Ellis, David, Byron in Geneva: That Summer of 1816 (Cheryl A. Wilson) 61
Green, Matthew J. A. and Piya Pal-Lapinski (eds), Byron and the Politics of Freedom and Terror (Christopher Stokes) 63
Cochran, Peter (ed.), Byron and Women [and Men] (Abdur Raheem Kidwai) 65
Cochran, Peter, ‘Romanticism’ – and Byron (Bernard Beatty) 67
Markovits, Benjamin, Childish Loves (Christine Kenyon Jones) 69
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell (ed. Alan Halsey), The Ivory Gate: Later Poems & Fragments (John H. Baker) 70
Duff, David, Romanticism and the Uses of Genre (Alan Rawes) 72
Wolfson, Susan J., Romantic Interactions: Social Being and the Turns of Literary Action (Christopher Stokes) 74
Graham, Peter W., Jane Austen & Charles Darwin: Naturalists and Novelists (Catherine Redford) 76
Pittock, Murray (ed.), The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Romanticism (Gerard Carruthers) 78
McCracken-Flesher, Caroline, The Doctor Dissected: A Cultural Autopsy of the Burke and Hare Murders (Murray Pittock) 80
Heath, Duncan and Judy Boreham, Introducing Romanticism: A Graphic Guide (Hannah Miodrag)
Prell, Donald, Sailing with Byron from Genoa to Cephalonia. (Halina A. Adams) 183
Prell, Donald, A Biography of Daniel Roberts (Halina A. Adams) 183
Lansdown, Richard, The Cambridge Introduction to Byron (Catherine Redford) 185
Burwick, Frederick, Playing to the Crowd: London Popular Theatre, 1780–1830 (Jo Taylor) 186
Damer, Anne Seymour, Belmour: A Modern Edition (Vicky Greenaway) 189
Ramsey, Neil, The Military Memoir and Romantic Literary Culture, 1780–1835 (Simon Parkes) 191
Franklin, Michael J., ‘Orientalist Jones’: Sir William Jones, Poet, Lawyer, And Linguist, 1746-1794 (Elham Nilchian) 193
Chantler, Ashley, Michael Davies, Philip Shaw (eds), Literature and Authenticity, 1780–1900: Essays in Honour of Vincent Newey (Paul Whickman) 195
Bielik-Robson, Agata, The Saving Lie: Harold Bloom and Deconstruction (Alistair Heys) 197

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