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Contents, Volume 68, 2012
michael barry
  “To forget your place”: Translation and Irretrievability in Cahan’s The Rise of David Levinsky 4/79
alex j. beringer
   “Some Unsuspected Author”: Ignatius Donnelly and the Conspiracy Novel 4/35
marta caminero-santangelo
  Narrating the Non-Nation: Literary Journalism and “Illegal” Border Crossings 3/157
andrew fitch
  Serial Realism: Poetic Narrative in Perspectives 2/123
adam gordon
   “A Condition To Be Criticized”: Edgar Allan Poe and the Vocation of Antebellum Criticism 2/1
janet gray
  Nevermore the Reverberations 3/27
dustin hannum
  National Treasure and American Scripture: Form, History, and the Aesthetic Politics of the Declaration of Independence 2/151
brady harrison
   “man’s meat ain’t proper meat”: The Big Sky, Cannibalism, and the Clap 2/63
mitchum huehls
  Private Property as Story: Helena Viramontes’ Their Dogs Came with Them 4/155
beverly a. hume
  Austin’s Consuming “Desertness” in The Land of Little Rain 4/61
sarah kerman
  Authentic Imitation: Modernist Anthologies and the Pedagogy of Folk Culture 1/87
tiffany eberle kriner
  Wary Grammar: Fanny Howe’s Narrative Bewilderment 3/129
hadley leach
  Thoreau’s Aphoristic Form 3/1
tiffany aldrich macbain
  Cont(r)acting Whiteness: The Language of Contagion in the Autobiographical Essays of Zitkala-Ša 3/55
sarah mahurin
  William Faulkner and the Seduction of the Unscene 2/33
kristen l. matthews
  Reading America Reading in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 2/89
lori merish
  Factory Labor and Literary Aesthetics: The “Lowell Mill Girl,” Popular Fiction, and the Proletarian Grotesque 4/1
brian rajski
  The Organizational Aesthetic: Kenneth Fearing’s The Big Clock 1/113
lindsay v. reckson
  A “Reg’lar Jim Dandy”: Archiving Ecstatic Performance in Stephen Crane 1/55
forrest g. robinson
  Writing as Penance: National Guilt and J. M. Coetzee 1/1
christopher schmidt
  The Queer Nature of Waste in John Ashbery’s The Vermont Notebook 3/71
paul stephens
  What Do We Mean by “Literary Experimentalism”?: Notes Toward a History of the Term 1/143
cheryl a. wall
  Reading The Black Book: Between the Lines of History 4/105
patrick f. walter
  Cyberkill: Melancholia, Globalization and Media Terrorism in American Psycho and Glamorama 4/131
arielle zibrak
  Intolerance, A Survival Guide: Heteronormative Culture Formation in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road 3/103

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