restricted access American Association for the History of Medicine: Report of the Eighty-Fifth Annual Meeting
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American Association for the History of Medicine:
Report of the Eighty-Fifth Annual Meeting

The eighty-fifth annual meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine was held in Baltimore, Maryland, April 26–April 29, 2012, at the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor Hotel at Camden Yards. The following summary has been prepared by the secretary, Jodi L. Coste, and is intended for the information of the members of the association. The official minutes and reports are preserved in the Office of the Secretary. The final meeting program, featuring the titles of papers and names of all presenters, may be found on the AAHM website at

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Council of the American Association for the History of Medicine, Inc

April 26, 2012

A regular meeting of the council of the AAHM was called to order in the University Ballroom 1 and 2 of the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor Hotel at Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland, at 12:55 p.m. with President John Eyler presiding. All members of the council were present. The council welcomed the following new members in the class of 2014: Stephanie Brown Clark, Julie Fairman, Richard C. Keller, via Skype, and Elizabeth Watkins. Nominated officers and councilors in the class of 2015 were also welcomed as observers. [End Page 424]

The council reviewed and approved the minutes of the council meeting held April 28, 2011, as published in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Volume 85, Number 3, 2011, 466–88. The council reviewed, discussed, and accepted the following reports of the secretary, treasurer, and the association’s standing and ad hoc committees.

Report of the Secretary (Jodi Koste)

During the last twelve months the office of the association moved from its former base in Kansas City, Kansas, to Richmond, Virginia. The AAHM website was also transferred from the University of Kansas to an independent web hosting and management service and is now maintained by staff in Richmond. I would like to thank Chris Crenner, Matt Scanlon, and others at the University of Kansas who provided guidance, assistance, and support throughout the year. Their preparation and diligence resulted in a seamless transition from one secretary to another. In early summer the records of the association, both paper-based and electronic, were transferred to the Tompkins-McCaw Library, which now serves as the home office for the AAHM.

The council and officers handled a number of issues since the association’s annual meeting in 2011. Due to an oversight Margaret Marsh was not on the ballot for reelection as treasurer at the 2011 business meeting. To ensure that she had requisite authority to carry out the responsibilities of treasurer, the council appointed her interim treasurer for the period of April 30, 2011, until the annual business meeting in 2013.

In the last year, the association reactivated the endowment campaign suspended in 2008. The renewed campaign, entitled “Endow our Future,” will raise funds to support a part-time executive officer for the association. Gerry Grob led the Ad Hoc Committee on the Endowment, consisting of Charlotte Borst, Jackie Duffin, Janet Golden, Caroline Hannaway, Margaret Humphreys, John Parascandola, and Allen Weisse. Through their efforts the AAHM has received new and renewed pledges or donations totaling more than $35,000. The AAHM also received another $100,000 gift from the Mabel D. Reeder Foundation, which helped to bring us within 65 percent of our $1 million campaign goal. Donations will be solicited over the next four years in the hope of reaching the $1 million target by 2015, the 90th anniversary of the founding of the association.

As of April, there were 983 paid members of the association. This number is slightly less than the paid membership of 1,019 reported in April of 2011. Student members for April 2012 total 112, while there were 131 student members at this point in 2011. As of April of this year, [End Page 425] 278 individuals who were members in 2011 had failed to renew their membership. Some of this attrition may have resulted from the late mailing of membership renewal forms in the fall. These notices, mailed...