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Periodicals and Collected Essays

Don Harrán, "'Keḥi kinnor' by Samuel Archivolti (d. 1611): A Wedding Ode with Hidden Messages," pp. 253-291; Judah D. Galinsky, "The Significance of Form: R. Moses of Coucy's Reading Audience and His Sefer ha-Miẓvot," pp. 293-321; Mira Balberg, "Rabbinic Authority, Medical Rhetoric, and Body Hermeneutics in Mishnah Nega'im," pp. 323-346; "A Serious Man: Introduction," pp. 347-348; Jeffrey Shandler, "'Serious' Talk," pp. 349-355; Shai Ginsburg, "The Physics of Being Jewish, or On Cats and Jews," pp. 357-364; Riv-Ellen Prell, "A Serious Man in Situ: 'Fear and Loathing in St. Louis Park,'" pp. 365-376; Jonathan Boyarin, "An Ugly Story?" pp. 377-382; Ariella Lang, "From Boys to Men: Gender Politics and Jewish Identity in A Serious Man," pp. 383-391; Samuel C. Heilman, "On Writing about the Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe and His Hasidim," pp. 393-400; Elliot R. Wolfson, "Open Secret in the Rearview Mirror," pp. 401-418. Book Reviews, pp. 419-459.


Rebekka Voß, "Entangled Stories: The Red Jews in Premodern Yiddish and German Apocalyptic Lore," pp. 1-41; Rebecca Wolpe, "From Slavery to Freedom: Abolitionist Expressions in Maskilic Sea Adventures," pp. 43-70; Adam S. Ferziger, "Ashes to Outcasts: Cremation, Jewish Law, and Identity in Early Twentieth-Century Germany," pp. 71-102; Tzahi Weiss, "'Things That Are Better Concealed Than Revealed': An Historical-Biographical Study of S. Y. Agnon's Attitude toward the Sabbatean Movement and the Traditional Jewish World," pp. 103-120; George Y. Kohler, "Is there a God an sich?: Isaac Breuer on Kant's noumena," pp. 121-139; Robert Eisen, "War, Revenge, and Jewish Ethics: Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli's Essay on Kibiyeh Revisited," pp. 141-163. Book Reviews, pp. 165-183.

ISRAEL STUDIES. 16.3 (2011)

Special Section: Media and Culture. Giora Goodman, "'Palestine's Best': The Jewish Agency's Press Relations, 1946-1947," pp. 1-27; Oded Heilbronner, "'Resistance Through Rituals'—Urban Subcultures of Israeli Youth from the Late 1950s to the 1980s," pp. 28-50; Ines Gabél, "The National-Religious Community and the Media: A Love-Hate Relationship," [End Page 437] pp. 51-72; Reina Rutlinger-Reiner, "'Drowning in the Marsh': Israeli Orthodox Theatrical Representations of the Singles Scene," pp. 73-96. Special Section: Education. Tali Tadmor-Shimony, "Immigrant and Veteran Teachers of the 1948 Generation: As Socialization Agents of the New State," pp. 97-122; Avner Molcho, "Productivization, Economics and the Transformation of Israeli Education, 1948-1965," pp. 123-148. Articles. Esther Meir-Glitzenstein, "Operation Magic Carpet: Constructing the Myth of the Magical Immigration of Yemenite Jews to Israel," pp. 149-173; Assaf Meydani, "The Intervention of the Israeli High Court of Justice in Government Decisions: An Empirical, Quantitative Perspective," pp. 174-190.

ISRAEL STUDIES. 17.1 (2012)

Uri Bialer, "Between Rehovot and Tehran—Gideon Hadary's Secret Diplomacy," pp. 1-23; Raanan Rein, "A Belated Inclusion: Jewish Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War and Their Place in the Israeli National Narrative," pp. 24-49; Jonathan Gribetz, "The Question of Palestine Before the International Community, 1924: A Methodological Inquiry into the Charge of 'Bias,'" pp. 50-77; Seth J. Frantzman, Havatzelet Yahel, and Ruth Kark, "Contested Indigeneity: The Development of an Indigenous Discourse on the Bedouin of the Negev, Israel," pp. 78-104; Motti Inbari, "The Modesty Campaigns of Rabbi Amram Blau and the Neturei Karta Movement, 1938-1974," pp. 105-129; Matthew M. Silver, "Between Negation and Engagement: America's Changing Image in the Israeli Novel," pp. 130-156; Yael Reshef, "From Hebrew Folksong to Israeli Song: Language and Style in Naomi Shemer's Lyrics," pp. 157-179. Book Reviews, pp. 180-185.

ISRAEL STUDIES. 17.2 (2012)

Special Section: The 1948 War as Witnessed by Photographers and a Poet. Nili Scharf Gold, "Portrait of Haifa in 1948: The Poet, the Bay and the Mountain," pp. 1-24; Alon Confino, "Miracles and Snow in Palestine and Israel: Tantura, a History of 1948," pp. 25-61; Maoz Azaryahu and Arnon Golan, "Photography, Memory, and Ethnic Cleansing: The Fate of the Jewish Quarter...

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