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Editors’ Acknowledgments, MELUS Vol. 37 (2012)
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Editors’ Acknowledgments, MELUS Vol. 37 (2012)

The editors of MELUS would like to thank the generous people who have helped us select articles during 2012. With apologies to anyone whose name might have been overlooked, we sincerely acknowledge their assistance.

  • Heather Alumbaugh

      College of Mount Saint Vincent

  • Peter Antelyes

      Vassar College

  • Yvette Aparicio

      Grinnell College

  • Ellen Arnold

      East Carolina University

  • Majda Atieh

      Damascus University

  • Evelyn Avery

      Towson University

  • Michael Awkward

      University of Michigan

  • Cristina Bacchilega

      University of Hawai‘i, Manoa

  • Aimee S. Bahng

      Dartmouth College

  • Patricia Barbeito

      Rhode Island School of Design

  • Margaret K. Bass

      St. Lawrence University

  • Katherine Bassard

      Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Mary Battenfeld

      Wheelock College

  • Herman Beavers

      University of Pennsylvania

  • Debra Beilke

      Concordia University, St. Paul

  • Bernard Bell

      Pennsylvania State University

  • Shanna Greene Benjamin

      Grinnell College

  • Paula Bernat Bennett

      Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

  • Tanya Long Bennett

      North Georgia College and State University

  • Michael Bernard-Donals

      University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Michael Bérubé

      Pennsylvania State University

  • Nicholas Boggs

      Columbia University

  • Laurel Bollinger

      University of Alabama, Huntsville

  • Suzanne Bost

      Loyola University, Chicago

  • Noelle Brada-Williams

      San Jose State University

  • Carrie Tirado Bramen

      University at Buffalo, SUNY

  • Jennifer DeVere Brody

      Stanford University

  • Tracy R. Butts

      California State University, Chico

  • Keith Byerman

      Indiana State University

  • Marta Caminero-Santangelo

      University of Kansas

  • Norma E. Cantú

      University of Texas, San Antonio

  • Lauren Cardon

      Tulane University

  • Allison Carruth

      University of California, Los Angeles [End Page 222]

  • Moira Casey

      Miami University

  • Ricardo Castells

      Florida International University

  • Debra A. Castillo

      Cornell University

  • Silvia Pilar Castro-Borrego

      Universidad de Málaga

  • Michael A. Chaney

      Dartmouth College

  • Juliana Chang

      Santa Clara University

  • Mary Chapman

      University of British Columbia

  • Jon Chatlos

      State University of New York, Plattsburgh

  • Lingchei Letty Chen

      Washington University in St. Louis

  • King-kok Cheung

      University of California, Los Angeles

  • Tzu-I Chung

      University of Michigan

  • Jean Lee Cole

      Loyola College, Maryland

  • Terry Cole

      LaGuardia Community College

  • Joanne Cordón

      College of the Holy Cross

  • Colleen Cotter

      Queen Mary, University of London

  • James H. Cox

      University of Texas, Austin

  • Gloria Cronin

      Brigham Young University

  • Denise Cruz

      Indiana University, Bloomington

  • María del Pilar Cuder Domínguez

      Universidad de Huelva

  • Jasmin Darznik

      Washington and Lee University

  • Shilpa Davé

      Brandeis University

  • Amy E. Dayton

      University of Alabama

  • Jill Deans

      University of Connecticut

  • Sharon Delmendo

      St. John Fisher College

  • Lale Demirtürk

      Bilkent University

  • Lavina Dhingra

      Bates College

  • Cynthia Dobbs

      University of the Pacific

  • Georgina Dodge

      University of Iowa

  • Christopher D. Douglas

      University of Victoria

  • William Dow

      American University of Paris

  • Kimberly Drake

      Scripps College

  • Ira Dworkin

      American University, Cairo

  • Paula Eckard

      University of North Carolina, Charlotte

  • Charmaine Eddy

      Trent University

  • Babak Elahi

      Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Michele Elam

      Stanford University

  • Courtney Elkin Mohler

      Santa Clara University

  • Tim Engles

      Eastern Illinois University [End Page 223]

  • Dominika Ferens

      University of Wroclaw

  • Robin Field

      Kings College

  • Alexandra Fitts

      University of Alaska, Fairbanks

  • Danuta Fjellestad

      Uppsala Universitet

  • Tracy Floreani

      Oklahoma City University

  • Doreen Fowler

      University of Kansas

  • Claire F. Fox

      University of Iowa

  • Cynthia G. Franklin

      University of Hawai‘i, Manoa

  • Jason Frydman

      Brooklyn College, CUNY

  • Andrew Furman

      Florida Atlantic University

  • Nouri Gana

      University of California, Los Angeles

  • Justin Gifford

      University of Nevada, Reno

  • William A. Gleason

      Princeton University

  • Ellen Goldner

      College of Staten Island, CUNY

  • Meredith Goldsmith

      Ursinus College

  • John Morán González

      University of Texas, Austin

  • Daniel Grausam

      Durham University

  • Gurleen Grewal

      University of South Florida

  • Christa Grewe-Volpp

      Universität Mannheim

  • Naomi Greyser

      University of Iowa

  • Bob Grotjohn

      Chonnam University

  • Monica Hanna

      United States Naval Academy

  • Sirène Harb

      American University, Beirut

  • Roxanne Harde

      University of Alberta, Augustana

  • Michelle Hartman

      McGill University

  • Heather Hathaway

      Marquette University

  • Juanita Heredia

      Northern Arizona University

  • Andrea Herrera

      University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

  • Heather Hicks

      Villanova University

  • Cheryl Higashida

      University of Colorado, Boulder

  • Jennifer Ho

      University of North Carolina

  • Joan Hoffman

      Western Washington University

  • Syrine C. Hout

      American University, Beirut

  • LeAnne Howe

      University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Ruth Hsu

      University of Hawai‘i, Manoa

  • Stacy Carson Hubbard

      University of Buffalo, SUNY

  • Tobias Hübinette

      Multicultural Center, Botkyrka

  • Sheila Hassell Hughes

      University of Dayton [End Page 224]

  • Kit Hume

      Pennsylvania State University

  • Mary Jane Hurst

      Texas Tech University

  • Martin Japtok

      Palomar College

  • Gene Andrew Jarrett

      Boston University

  • Helen Jaskoski

      California State University, Fullerton

  • Joseph Jeon...