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Selected Publications by Valerie Saiving

“The Human Situation: A Feminine View.” Journal of Religion 40 (1960): 100–112. Reprinted in Womanspirit Rising, edited by Judith Plaskow and Carol P. Christ. San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1979; 2nd edition, San Francisco: Harper SanFrancisco, 1992.
“Where Is the Woman?” Theology Today 19, no. 1 (April 1962): 111–14.
“The Concept of Individuality in Whitehead’s Metaphysics.” PhD diss., University of Chicago Divinity School, 1966.
“Androcentrism in Religious Studies.” Journal of Religion 56 (1976): 177–97.
“Androgynous Life: A Feminist Appropriation of Process Thought.” In Feminism and Process Thought, edited by Sheila Greeve Daveney, 11–31. New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 1981.
“A Conversation with Valerie Saiving.” Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 4, no. 2 (Fall 1988): 99–115.
“Our Bodies/Our Selves: Reflections on Sickness, Aging, and Death.” Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 4, no. 2 (Fall 1988): 117–25.

Selected Publications Referencing, Discussing, or Building from the Debate between Saiving and Niebuhr

Andolsen, Barbara Hilkert. “Agape in Feminist Ethics.” Journal of Religious Ethics 9 (Spring 1981): 69–83.
———, Christine E. Gudorf, and Mary D. Pellauer, eds. Women’s Consciousness, Women’s Conscience. Minneapolis: Winston Press, 1985.
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De Groot, Christiana. “Was Rosa Parks Proud?” Perspectives 21, no. 8 (October 2006): 6–11.
Dunfee, Susan Nelson. “The Sin of Hiding: A Feminist Critique of Reinhold Niebuhr’s Account of the Sin of Pride.” Soundings 65, no. 3 (Fall 1982): 316–27.
———. “Christianity and the Liberation of Women.” PhD diss., Claremont Graduate School, 1985.
———. Beyond Servanthood: Christianity and the Liberation of Women. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1989.
Engel, Mary Potter. “Evil, Sin, and Violation of the Vulnerable.” In Lift Every Voice: Constructing Christian Theologies from the Underside, edited by Susan B. Thistlethwaite and Mary Potter Engel, 152–64. San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1990.
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Ruether, Rosemary Radford. New Woman/New Earth: Sexist Ideologies and Human Liberation. New York: Seabury Press, 1975.


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