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Eudora Welty Society

The Eudora Welty Society holds its annual meeting in May of each year at the American Literature Association Conference, this year in San Francisco. Current officers are President David McWhirter (Texas A&M University), Vice-President Sarah Ford (Baylor University), Secretary-Treasurer Michael Kreyling (Vanderbilt University), and Website Editor Carol Ann Johnston (Dickinson College). The Society regularly sponsors sessions showcasing Welty scholarship at the ALA, SSSL, SAMLA, and SCMLA meetings. In addition, plans are underway for an International Welty Studies conference to be held at Texas A&M in Spring 2013. Watch the Society website ( for updates as they become available. [End Page 171]

Society members receive newsletters (spring and fall each year) and other information through the Eudora Welty Society listserv and are eligible for several prizes and awards. The Phoenix Award is a biennial award presented for distinguished achievement in Eudora Welty Scholarship, last presented to Rebecca Mark in 2010. The Society also sponsors a Graduate Student Award for travel to the ALA conference to present a paper on Welty and co-sponsors the Ruth Vande Kieft Award for the best essay on Welty by a beginning scholar. The Vande Kieft Award carries with it an award of $150 and publication in the Eudora Welty Review. For submission guidelines, see the announcement near the back of this issue.

Welty Society-sponsored panels at the 2012 SSSL and ALA conferences follow below. The Society will hold a social event at both venues. Check the Society website for updates on session dates and times.

Society for the Study of Southern Literature Conference, Nashville, TN, March 29–April 1, 2012

Anniversaries, Rituals, and Ceremonies in Eudora Welty’s Fiction and Photography

Chair: Mae Miller Claxton, Western Carolina University

  1. 1. “‘The Key’: Seventy Years Hence,” Pearl McHaney, Georgia State University

  2. 2. “‘The Thing They Knew’: Death Rituals in ‘The Wanderers’ and The Optimist’s Daughter,” Laura Patterson, Seton Hill University

  3. 3. “‘We shall come rejoicing’: Re-animating Ritual in Welty’s Losing Battles,” Andrea Dimino, New College of Florida

  4. 4. “Welty and Soyinka: ‘Carrying’ the Burdens of the Past,” Rachel Keller, Snow College

Welty, Whiteness, Race, and Civil Rights

Chair, Harriet Pollack, Bucknell University

  1. 1. “Listening for the Unspoken: The African-American Presence in The Golden Apples,” David McWhirter, Texas A&M University

  2. 2. “‘Moon Lake’ Orphans and ‘The Other Way to Live,’” Jean C. Griffith, Wichita State University

  3. 3. “‘A Tiny Daub of Black Cotton’: Race and Nature in Eudora Welty’s The Golden Apples,” Christin Taylor, University of Maryland

  4. 4. “‘Bring in the Dark!’ Locating the Black Body in Welty’s Delta Wedding,” Donnie McMahand, West Georgia University [End Page 172]

Respondent: Rebecca Mark, Tulane University (“A Private Address or a Public Rebuke?—Civil Rights in Eudora Welty’s Short Stories”)

American Literature Association, San Francisco, CA, May 24–27, 2012

Approaches to Teaching Eudora Welty: A Roundtable

Moderator: Mae Miller Claxton, Western Carolina University

  1. 1. “Working Welty: True Adventures in Academe,” Debra Dobkins, Brenau University

  2. 2. “Faulkner, Welty, and the Reading Process,” Harriet Pollack, Bucknell University

  3. 3. “Eudora Welty, Mississippi Modernist,” David McWhirter, Texas A&M University

  4. 4. “Cage Match: Eudora Welty and Flannery O’Connor Raw,” Dawn Trouard, University of Central Florida

One Writer’s Secrets

Chair: Noel Polk, Mississippi State University

  1. 1. “Working at Removes in The Optimist’s Daughter,” Suzanne Marrs, Millsaps College

  2. 2. “Secrets, Revelations, and Transformations in Welty’s ‘The Whole World Knows,’” Julia Eichelberger, College of Charleston

  3. 3. “‘You are not! It is not! I am not!’: The Question of Answered Mystery in Welty’s Short Stories,” Candace Waid, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Eudora Welty Society will sponsor a panel in keeping with the SCMLA conference theme, “Death and Eros,” with papers that explore the complex relation between love and death in modernity in Welty’s texts. SCMLA meets November 8–10, 2012, in San Antonio, TX. The session is chaired by Travis Rozier, University of Mississippi,

Eudora Welty scholars and readers are invited to join the Society for just $10 for two years ( and to support its work of promoting Welty studies scholarship and continuing her legacy...