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181 Late at night, two friends—barefoot and giddy— Steal into one’s garden and pull out squash That are, they decide, the size of elephant Penises. Is that food or pornography? Or both? Hunched in the dirt, they laugh nakedly And search for what can be eaten now. Their hunt Is successful. Amused, slightly aroused, sloshed On red wine and phallic symbols, one friend finds A huge, misshapen, and meaty cucumber. She holds it up as tribute to their hungers And then they share it, each taking a big bite Until all that remains is one tiny seed. Self-conscious, they stare out into the night, And wonder which of the neighbors might have seen Their erotic snacking. Or does it matter? Shouldn’t any witness feel amused and flattered To have watched two women, mothers and wives, Briefly return to and revel in the wild? Two Women, Drinking sherman alexie ...


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