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Books received Achinstein, Sharon, Milton and the Revolutionary reader, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1995; cloth; pp. xiv, 272; 7 illustrations; R.R.P. US$35.00. Bielfeldt, Dennis D. and Klaus Schwarzwaller, eds, Freiheit als Liebe bei Martin Luther / Freedom as love in Martin Luther (8th International congress for Luther research in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1993: Seminar, Referate/papers), Bern, Peter Lang, 1995; paper; pp. 181; R.R.P. SFr.53.00. Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate, trans., The writings of Margaret of Oingt: medieval prioress and mystic, Newburyport, Focus Information Group, 1990; paper; pp. 86; R.R.P. US$7.95 [distributed by Medieval & Renaissancetexts& studies]. Boone, Graeme M., ed., Essays on medieval music in honnor of David G. Hughes (Isham Library papers 4), Harvard, Harvard University department of music, 1995; cloth; pp. 496; R.R.P. US$39.95 [distributed by Harvard University Press]. Brown, Elizabeth A. R., ed., Jean du Tillet and the French wars ofreligion: five tracts, 1562-1569, Binghamton, Medieval & Renaissance texts & studies, 1994; cloth; pp. xii, 231; R.R.P. US$40.00. Buckton, David, ed., Byzantium: treasures ofByzantine art and culturefrom British collections, London, The British Museum Press, 1994; cloth; pp. 240; 237 colour and monochrome plates; R.R.P. AUS$79.95 [distributed in Australia by Thames and Hudson]. Camargo, Martin, Medieval rhetorics of prose composition:fiveEnglish artes dictandi and their tradition, Binghamton, Medieval & Renaissance texts & studies, 1995; cloth; pp. xiv, 256; R.R.P. US$45.00 Chance, Jane, trans., Christine de Pizan's Letter of Othea to Hector, Newburyport, Focus Information Group, 1990; paper; pp. xii, 164; R.R.P. US$14.95 [distributed by Medieval & Renaissance texts & studies]. 202 Books received Clunies Ross, Margaret, Prolonged echoes: Old Norse myths in medieval Northern society. Vol. 1: the myths (The Viking collection: studies in Northern civilization. Vol. 7), Odense, Odense University Press, 1994; cloth; pp. 325; R.R.P. DKK240.00. Croke, Brian, trans., The chronicle ofMarcellinus (Byzantina Australiensia 7), Sydney, Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, 1995; paper; pp. xxvii, 152; 1 map; R.R.P. AUS$30.00 + $5.00 packing and postage. Curry, Anne, The Hundred Years War (British history in perspective), Basingstoke, Macmillan, 1993; paper, pp. xiv, 192; 4 maps, 3 genealogical tables; R.R.P. AUS$27.95. Davidson, Lola S., S. N. Mukherjee and Z. Zlatar, eds, The epic in history, Sydney, Sydney Association for studies in society and culture, 1994; paper; pp. 205; R.R.P. AUS$35.00. Duby, Georges, Love and marriage in the Middle Ages, trans. J. Dunnett, Oxford, Polity Press, 1994; paper; pp. ix, 231; R.R.P. AUS$39.95 [distributed in Australia by Allen & Unwin], Erlande-Brandenburg, Alain, The cathedral builders of the Middle Ages, trans. Rosemary Stonehewer, London, Thames and Hudson, 1995; paper; pp. 175; numerous colour and monochrome plates (not numbered); R.R.P. A U S $ 19.95. Evans, Angela C , The Sutton Hoo ship burial, London, British Museum Press, 1995; paper; pp. 127; 99 illustrations; R. R. P. AUS$26.95 [distributed in Australia by Thames and Hudson]. Feldman, Martha, City culture and the madrigal at Venice, Berkeley/Los Angeles/London, University of California Press, 1995; cloth; pp. xxi, 473; 13 tables, 2 figures, 20 plates; R.R.P. US$60.00. Friel, Ian, The good ship: ships, shipbuilding and technology in England 1200-1520, London, British Museum Press, 1995; cloth; pp. 208; 71 illustrations; R.R.P. AUS$69.95 [distributed in Australia by Thames and Hudson]. Fudge, John D., Cargoes, embargoes, and emissaries: the commercial and political interaction of England and the German Hanse, 1450-1510, Toronto/Buffalo/London, University of Books received 203 Toronto Press, 1995; cloth; pp. xxi, 265; R.R.P. CAN$60.00. Geremek, Bronislaw, Poverty: a history, trans. A. Kolakowska, Oxford and Cambridge Mass., Blackwell, 1994; cloth; pp. xi, 273; R.R.P. AUS$79.95 [distributed in Australia by Allen & Unwin]. Gibbons, Mary W., Giambologna: narrator of the Catholic Reformation, Berkeley/Los Angeles/London, University of California Press, 1995; cloth; pp. xviii, 262; 13 colour plates, 94 monochrome illustrations; R.R.P. US$50.00. Goetz, Rainer H., Spanish Golden Age autobiography in its context (American University studies. Series II: Romance languages...

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