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Memoriae Matris Sacrum

3 videtur 1627: videtur, P Wt G H 4 Virtutumque 1627 P Wt: Virtutúmque H; siscior 1627: siccior P Wt G H
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Memoriae Matris Sacrum

Poem 1

AH Mater, quo te deplorem fonte? Dolores
    Quae guttae poterunt enumerare meos?
Sicca meis lacrymis Thamesis vicina videtur,
    Virtutúmque choro siccior ipse tuo.
In flumen moerore nigrum si funderer ardens,
    Laudibus haud fierem sepia iusta tuis.
Tantùm istaec scribo gratus, ne tu mihi tantùm
    Mater: & ista Dolor nunc tibi Metra parit.

To the Memory of My Mother: A Consecrated Gift.

Poem 1

Ah Mother, from what spring might I draw
     My Sorrows' waters? What drops could count my griefs?
Against my tears, the nearby Thames seems dry,
     And I against your attendant choir of Virtues.
If burning to be made ash I were poured into a river blackened
     By my grief, still I'd not make ink enough to praise you.
Only thus do I write these thankfully: you'll be to me not only
     Mother: & so Sorrow for you gives birth now to Meters.
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1-51 The readings contained in R are not included in the apparatus. The manuscript is flawed with frequent punctuation and spelling errors and contains no significant variations from 1627. 3 lacrymas: 1627 P Wt H: lacrymas; G; Illa, 1627 P Wt H: Illa G 4 Vestrasque 1627 P Wt: Vestrásque H 6 Pudorque 1627 P Wt: Pudórque H 12 diem 1627 H: diem, P Wt: diem,- G 13 (Nam . . . confusio) 1627 P Wt H: Nam . . . confusio,- G; Linguae 1627: linguae P Wt G H
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Poem 2

Corneliae sanctae, graues Semproniae,
Et quicquid vspiam est seuerae foeminae,
Conferte lacrymas: Illa, quae vos miscuit
Vestrásque laudes, poscit & mixtas genas.
Namque hanc ruinam salua Grauitas defleat,
Pudórque constet vel solutis crinibus;
Quandoque vultûs sola maiestas, Dolor.
    Decus mulierum perijt: & metuunt viri
Vestrásque laudes, poscit & mixtas genas.
Non illa soles terere comptu lubricos,
Struices superbas atque turritum caput
Molita, reliquum deinde garriens diem
(Nam post Babelem Linguae adest confusio)
Quin post modestam, qualis integras decet,
Substructionem capitis & nimbum breuem,



Poem 2

Oh you who, like Cornelia, are holy; grave, like Sempronia
And all who compose anywhere sober womankind,
Bring your tears together: That Woman who united you
And your triumphs demands that you unite your eyes, too, and weep.
For surely may Gravity, still whole, weep at this fall
And Modesty, though her hair's let down, hold fast;
And Grief at such times is a face's sole grandness.
     Women's glory has died: and men fear
She has chastened them with the lost gift of both sexes.
Nor did she work to fritter away the quick days with coiffures,
Lifting lofty towers and a head of turrets,
Then gossiping away the whole long day
(Since, after Babel, Language is confounded).
No, rather, her head's edifice what women
Of integrity wear, low, with a little nimbus of hair,
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18 prandij 1627: prandii, P Wt G: prandij, H 19 Horti, 1627 P Wt H: Horti G; colique 1627 P Wt: colíque H 20 cuique 1627 H: cuïque P Wt G 23 Prudentèr 1627 P Wt: Prudenter H 27 seseque 1627 P Wt: seséque H 28 certat 1627 P Wt G: certat, H 29 Proh? 1627 P Wt: Proh! G H; comitas 1627: comitas, P Wt G H 31 compedes 1627 H: compedes, P Wt G
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Animam recentem rite curauit sacris
Adorta numen acri & igneâ prece.
    Dein familiam lustrat, & res prandij,
Horti, colíque distributim pensitat.
Suum cuique tempus & locus datur.
Inde exiguntur pensa crudo vespere.
Ratione certâ vita constat & domus,
Prudenter inito quot-diebus calculo.
Totâ renident aede decus & suauitas
Animo renidentes priùs. Sin rarior
Magnatis appulsu extulit se occasio,
Surrexit vnà & illa, seséque extulit:
Occasione certat, imò & obtinet.
Proh! quantus imber, quanta labri comitas,
Lepos seuerus, Pallas mixta Gratijs;
Loquitur numellas, compedes & retia:



Her freshly awakened spirit she duly nurtured with holy rites
After approaching God with a keen and fiery prayer.
    Then she surveys her home and...