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The Secretary-Treasurer has organized this report to reflect the purpose and status of each of the Society's assets. Some investments intended to help support gifts and grants while others are reinvested for growth. Routine operating funds are maintained in the SASS operating account. Income and expenditures are itemized. The Society is financially sound. On 31 December 2010 those assets were valued at $1,001,664.66. As of 31 December 2010 the Society had a membership of 475 (124 institutional and 351 individual). That represents an overall decrease of 111 since 31 December 2009 (a decrease of 30 institutional and a decrease of 71 individual). Institutional subscriptions numbered 102 in the US (a decrease of 3) and 22 abroad (a decrease of 27). Individual memberships numbered 306 in the US and Canada (a decrease of 65) and 51 abroad (no change). There were 27 student memberships, 26 in the US and Canada and 1 abroad. The Society had 143 lifetime members (an increase of 81). Of these, 101 were in the US and Canada and 42 abroad. There were 8 patron members.

The Society administers two grants for graduate students, the Einar and Eva Lund Haugen Dissertation Scholarship and the Birgit Baldwin Fellowship for dissertation research in the Nordic region. Five doctoral students have benefited from the Baldwin Fellowship grant thus far.

In 2010 the Society received grants from the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation and from the Swedish Academy to support the publication of its journal, Scandinavian Studies, in 2011.

The Centennial Campaign for Scandinavian Studies, a campaign to provide an endowment in support of the Society's journal, was officially launched in May 2010. As of 31 December contributions had resulted in a balance of $6,768.22.

The SASS Women's Caucus funds, which are included below, had a balance of $340.00 at the beginning and $540.00 at the end of the year 2010. [End Page 615]

A. Investments to Support Gifts and Grants

Lord Abbett Investment Trusts VALUE CHANGE
    Balanced Strategy Fund CLA 5,120 531 (12%)
    Balanced Strategy Fund CLC 26,377 2,606 (11%)
TOTAL PORTFOLIO (A): $31,497 $313 (11%)

B. Investments Reinvesting for Growth

    Limited Term 19,397 629 (3%)
    Strategic Income 21,345 2,187 (11%)
    Balanced Fund 42,034 4,908 (13%)
    Growth and Income 88,847 9,148 (11%)
    Capital Growth 27,746 2,710 (11%)
TOTAL PORTFOLIO (B): $199,369 $19,582 (11%)

C. Birgit Baldwin Fellowship

    Capital Income Builder 575,912 45,903 (9%)
TOTAL PORTFOLIO (C): $575,912 $45,903 (9%)

D. Haugen Scholarship

    Income Fund of America 138,254 14,780 (12%)
TOTAL PORTFOLIO (D): $138,254 14,780 (12%)

E. Centennial Campaign

  Wells Fargo 6,768.22 N/A (NEW)
TOTAL PORTFOLIO (E): $6,768.22

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F. SASS Operating Account

        ASF student travel grants 1,000.00
        Conference donation 1,000.00
        Conference Income 24.67
        Dues and subscriptions 31,088.77
        Grant, Pro Suecia Foundation 40,000.00
        Grant, Swedish Academy 19,970.00
        Interest Income 589.03
        President's Grant donations 370.00
        Royalties 3,315.73
        Women's Caucus donations 200.00
    TOTAL INCOME $97,558.20
        ACLS conference travel 416.26
        ACLS membership 990.00
        Aurora Borealis Prize 1,250.85
        Centennial Campaign 119.75
        Conference expenses 1,873.62
        Credit card fees 169.87
        Editorial expenses 14,000.00
        Non-profit corporation registraion, Utah 30.00
        Non-profit tax return preparation 1,450.00
        Postage and mailing 7,966.48
        President's grants 4,000.00
        Printing and copying 18,392.01
        Storage space rental 240.00
        Typesetting and editing 7,500.00
        Web hosting 75.00
    TOTAL EXPENSES $58,473.09

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Summary of Assets, 12/31/2010

Investments supporting gifts and grants 31,497.00
Investments reinvesting for growth 199,369.00
Birgit Baldwin Fellowship funds 575,912.00
Haugen Scholarship funds 138,254.00
Funds in sass...


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