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  • Books Received:October 16, 2011 to January 15, 2012
Andrade, Susan Z. 2012. The Nation Writ Small: African Fictions and Feminisms, 1958-1988. Durham: Duke University Press. $89.95 hc. $24.95 sc. 262 pp.
Apuleius. 2012. The Golden Ass. Trans. Sarah Ruden. New Haven: Yale University Press. $30.00 hc. 288 pp.
Berlant, Lauren. 2011. Cruel Optimism. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $89.95 hc. $24.95 sc. 352 pp.
Beverley, John. 2011. Latinamericanism After 9/11. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $79.95 hc. $22.95 sc. 176 pp.
Braddock, Jeremy. 2012. Collecting as Modernist Practice. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $39.95 hc. 322 pp.
Carpenter, Charles A. 2011. The Dramatic Works of Samuel Beckett: A Selective Bibliography of Publicationes About his Plays and their Conceptual Foundations. New York: Continuum. $350.00 hc. 528 pp.
Carruthers, Jo. 2011. England's Secular Scripture: Islamophobia and the Protestant Aesthetic. New York: Continuum. $90.00 hc. $27.95 sc. 160 pp.
Clough, Patricia Ticineto, and Craig Willse. 2011. Beyond Biopolitics: Essays on the Governance of Life and Death. Durham: Duke University Press. $99.95 hc. $26.95 sc. 416 pp.
Debo, Annette, and Lara Vetter, eds. 2012. Approaches to Teaching H.D.'s Poetry and Prose. New York: Modern Language Association. $37.50 hc. $19.75 sc. 208 pp.
Drew, Chris, Joseph Rein, and David Yost, eds. 2011. Dispatches from the Classroom: Graduate Students on Creative Writing Pedagogy. New York: Continuum. $110.00 hc. $32.95 sc. 240 pp.
Eastham, Andrew. 2011. Aesthetic Afterlives: Irony, Literary Modernity and the Ends of Beauty. New York: Continuum. $120.00 hc. 272 pp.
Este, Jed. 2011. Unseasonable Youth: Modernism Colonialism and the Fiction of Development. New York: Oxford University Press. $49.95 hc. 282 pp.
Francis, Samuel. 2012. The Psychological Fictions of J. G. Ballard. New York: Continuum. $110.00 hc. 176 pp.
Grosz, Elizabeth. 2011. Becoming Undone: Darwinian Reflections on Life, Politics, and Art. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $84.95 hc. $23.95 sc. 280 pp.
Guidotti-Hernandez, Nicole M. 2011. Unspeakable Violence: Remapping U.S.and Mexican National Imaginaries. Durham, NC Duke University Press. $94.95 hc. $25.95 sc. 400 pp. [End Page 146]
Hogan, Patrick Colm. 2011. Affective Narratology: The Emotional Structure of Stories. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. $60.00 hc. 304 pp.
Janette, Michelle. 2011. My Viet: Vietnamese Literature in English, 1962-Present. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. $55.00 hc. $25.00 sc. 250 pp.
Litvin, Margaret. 2011. Hamlet's Arab Journey: Shakespeare's Prince and Nasser's Ghost. Princeton: Princeton University Press. $35.00 hc. 280 pp.
Longstaffe, Stephen. 2011. 1 Henry IV: A Critical Guide. New York: Continuum. $110.00 hc. $32.95 sc. 240 pp.
Luszczynska, Ana M. 2012. The Ethics of Community: Nancy, Derrida, Morrison, and Menendez. New York: Continuum. $100.00 hc. 192 pp.
Mignolo, Walter D. 2012. The Darker Side of Western Modernity: Global Futures, Decolonial Options. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $94.95 hc. $25.95 sc. 412 pp.
Muratore, Mary Jo. 2011. Exiles, Outcasts, Strangers: Icons of Marginalization in Post World War II Narrative. New York: Continuum. $110.00 hc. 208 pp.
Nichols, Ashton. 2011. Beyond Romantic Ecocriticism: Toward Urbanatural Roosting. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. $85.00 hc. 230 pp.
Platt, Len. 2011. James Joyce: Texts and Contexts. New York: Continuum. $90.00 hc. $27.95 sc. 192 pp.
Povinelli, Elizabeth A. 2011. Economies of Abandonment: Social Belonging and Endurance in Late Liberalism. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $79.95 hc. $22.95 sc. 256 pp.
Reddy, Chandan. 2011. Freedom with Violence: Race, Sexuality, and the US State. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $84.95 hc. $23.95 sc. 328 pp.
Retman, Sonnet. 2011. Real Folks: Race and Genre in the Great Depression. Durham: Duke University Press. $89.95 hc. $24.95 sc. 336 pp.
Roston, Murray. 2012. The Comic Mode in English Literature: From Middle Ages to Today. New York: Continuum. $110.00 hc. $32.95 sc. 288 pp.
Ryan, Ray, and Liam McIlvanney, eds. 2011. The Good of the Novel. New York: Continuum. $19.95 sc. 249 pp.
Sakr, Rita. 2011. Monumental Space in the Post-Imperialist Novel: An Interdisciplinary Study. New York: Continuum...


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