The Information Literacy Initiative (ILI) at the University of Washington Information School provides services to populations outside of traditional academic environments that are in need of either information literacy training for the first time or a refresher course on new concepts and technologies. They are adult learners in need of just-in-time education and not credits or a degree. The ILI uses both classes and videos to teach information literacy. The populations receiving training are able to learn information literacy skills that are both practical and useful, which gives them the ability to find quality information for their business, professional, health, and daily needs. Participants include owners of small- to medium-sized businesses, adults over the age of fifty, and women without homes who are experiencing extreme poverty. While steps have been taken to determine the effectiveness of these programs, there is still more to be done to find appropriate assessments for these particular demographics. Initial results are promising in the effectiveness and need for quality just-in-time education for the non-scholar scholar.


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