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Index to Volume 63

Contributors' Index


Alvarez, Natalie. "Performance as Pathology: The Case of Munchausen's Syndrome and Performative Illness." 209-24.
Cabranes-Grant, Leo. "From Scenarios to Networks: Performing the Intercultural in Colonial Mexico." 499-520.
Carlson, Marla. "Furry Cartography: Performing Species." 191-208.
Conceison, Claire. "Behind the Play: The World and Works of Nick Rongjun Yu." 311-21.
Davis, Tracy C. "Acting Black, 1824: Charles Mathews's Trip to America." 163-89.
Huang, Alexander C. Y. "The Theatricality of Religious Rhetoric: Gao Xingjian and the Meaning of Exile." 365-79.
Jakubiak, Katarzyna. "The Black Body in Translation: Polish Productions of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun in the 1960s." 541-69.
Kim, Suk-Young. "Staging the 'Cartography of Paradox': The DM Z Special Exhibition at the Korean War Memorial, Seoul." 381-402.
Lei, Daphne P. "Interruption, Intervention, Interculturalism: Robert Wilson's HIT Productions in Taiwan." 571-86.
Looser, Diana. "A Piece 'More Curious Than All the Rest': Re-Encountering Pre-Colonial Pacific Island Theatre, 1769-1855." 521-40.
Lushetich, Natasha. "Ludus Populi: The Practice of Nonsense." 23-41.
Njus, Jesse. "What Did It Mean to Act in the Middle Ages?: Elisabeth of Spalbeek and Imitatio Christi." 1-21.
Perillo, J. Lorenzo. "'If I was not in prison, I would not be famous': Discipline, Choreography, and Mimicry in the Philippines." 607-21.
Peterson, William. "Amazing Show in Manila: 'Fantasy-Production' and Filipino Labor in a Transnational, Transcultural, Trans-gendered Theatre Enterprise." 587-605.
Rae, Paul. "Pigs Might Fly: Dance in the Time of Swine Flu." 403-24.
Schildcrout, Jordan. "The Closet Is a Deathtrap: Bisexuality, Duplicity, and the Dangers of the Closet in the Postmodern Thriller." 43-59.
Stupp, Jason. "Slavery and the Theatre of History: Ritual Performance on the Auction Block." 61-84.
Tompkins, Joanne. "Site-Specific Theatre and Political Engagement across Space and Time: The Psychogeographic Mapping of British Petroleum in Platform's And While London Burns." 225-43.
Youker, Timothy. "'The Sounds of Deeds': Karl Kraus and Acoustic Quotation." 85-100.


Rongjun Yu, Nick. Behind the Lie. Claire Conceison, trans. 323-64.

Performance Reviews

Al-Shamma, James. Passion Play. 262-64.
Balkin, Sarah. Rosmersholm. 455-57.
Bennett, Michael Y. Spring Awakening: A Sin of Omission. 269-70.
Buckner, Jocelyn L. Harriet Jacobs. 460-62.
Cantu, Maya. Promises, Promises. 121-23.
Cherry, James M. Kamp. 109-11.
Chirico, Miriam. We Have Always Lived in the Castle. 466-68.
Cleary, Beth. How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere? 255-57.
Colbert, Soyica Diggs. The Piano Lesson. 457-59.
Daniher, Colleen. The Trinity River Plays. 642-44.
Demastes, William W. A Free Man of Color. 451-53.
Dexter, Joseph P. An Iliad. 453-55.
Evenden, Michael. Assimilation. 637-40.
Fink, Joel G. The Circle. 272-76.
———. Major Barbara. 272-76.
Fitzgerald, Jason. Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays. 120-21.
Hill, C. Austin. Terminus. 459-60.
Hubbard, Robert. The Master Butchers Singing Club. 270-72.
Kim, Jae Kyoung. Krapp's Last Tape. 250-53. [End Page 687]
Knopf, Robert. $pent. 442-44.
Kruger, Loren. Berlin Alexanderplatz. 245-48.
Kuftinec, Sonja Arsham. Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 101-6.
Kurahashi, Yuko. A Midsummer Night's Dream. 464-65.
Lavender, Andy. The House of Dancing Water. 626-30.
———. Zaia. 626-30.
Livingston, Lindsay Adamson. The Persian Quarter. 644-46.
Milkovich, Erica A. K. 447-49.
Mitchell, Koritha. By Hands Unknown. 279-81.
Montgomery, Elizabeth Joann. Oberammergau Passion Play 2010. 260-62.
O'Brien, Karen. New Ireland: The Enda Walsh Festival. 646-49.
Parsons, Cóilín. Waiting for Godot. 257-60.
Remshardt, Ralf. Theatertreffen 2011 in Berlin. 630-34.
Román, David. A Streetcar Named Desire. 248-50.
Ruff, Felicia J. The Importance of Being Earnest. 462-64.
Schaffer, Timothy J. Heaven on Earth. 634-37.
Schvey, Henry I. Beyond the Horizon. 111-15.
———. Spring Storm. 111-15.
Seamon, Mark. Agnes Under the Big Top, a tall tale. 640-42.
Shimko, Robert B. Bluefinger: The Fall and Rise of Herman Brood. 449-51.
Sierra, Horacio. Antony and Cleopatra. 267-69.
Smalec, Theresa. In the Wake. 444-47.
———. The Little Foxes. 444-47.
Soriano, Christina Tsoules. Cédric Andrieux. 125-27.
Stephens, Jeffrey...