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1942o/ Pacific Coast Geographers5 giving Sinaloa a generous summer rainfall and a very dry winter and spring. The mean annual rainfall at Culiacan is 603 mm. and at Mazatlan 852 mm The rains of July, August and September are 73% of the annual total at Culiacan and 79% at Mazatlan. This is the characteristic climate of the thorn forest. On the northeast coast the rains are light but well distributed throughout the year. The climate of the grassland and evergreen oak woodland is one in which summer rains prevail, usually starting in June or July. Both winter and summer storms visit the highest mountain ridges. In the canyons facing the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico the summer rains are copious. A Letter from the President of the Association June 9, 1943 To the Members: With real regret and some misgivings, the Executive Committee cancelled the Annual Session scheduled to be held at Corvallis in June, 1943. From the very outset , there was serious doubt whether the A.A.A.S. session would be held and for several reasons, perhaps chiefly the fear of stringent travel regulations by the Office of Defense Transportation. An increasingly important question for us was the great need of the armed services for geographers. Every indication pointed to a small attendance . In March, our Secretary-Treasurer, Professor J. W. Hoover, left for Washington , D. C, so that he became unavailable for organizing a prospective session. Accordingly, on March 26, the following notice was sent to each association member from which I quote as follows: "Owing to war conditions, your Executive Committee has decided to cancel the annual meeting, provisionally scheduled to be held at Corvallis this June. The heavy demands of the Government for trained geographers, at Washington and elsewhere, make it decidedly unlikely that the attendance would warrant our participation this year at the Pacific Division, .A.A.A.S. The officers will carry over and arrange for the postponed meeting at the earliest feasible date. We trust that our decision meets with your approval." The judgment of your Executive Committee was entirely vindicated by the following notice sent out during May by Dr. J. Murray Luck, secretary of the Pacific Division, A. A. A. S.: "Confronted by a crisis in housing accommodations, lecture room facilities, and inability to complete arrangements for the Corvallis meeting, the Local Committee at Oregon State College has requested of the Executive Committee, Pacific Division, A.A.A.S., that the meeting scheduled for the period June 14-19 be cancelled. This recommendation has been acted upon and the meeting is canceled herewith. "Transfer of the meeting to another institution received consideration but has not proved feasible of attainment at this late date . . . ." At this time, no plans have been made for future meetings of either the A.A.A.S. or our own group. It is highly important, nevertheless, that the A.P.C.G. be kept alive, and that present members make every effort to enlist the interest of other wellqualified geographers. You will be notified of any significant activities or developments. Cordially yours, Eliot G. Mears, President ...


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