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CONTRIBUTORS Aleksandra Gruzinska is an Assistant Professor of French at Arizona State University and has published articles on 19th-century French short stories, George Sand, Octave Mirbeau, and E.M. Cioran. She is a member ofand has served as an officer for the MLA, the RMMLA, the ARA (The American Romanian Academy ofArts and Sciences), The Friends ofGeorge Sand, WIF (Women in French), the Société Octave Mirbeau, and AZLA (Arizona Language Association). Gruzinska is co-translator ofAntoine Pecquet, Diverse Thoughts on Man and both Editor of and contributor to Essays on E. Cioran. Robert Ziegler is Professor ofLiberal Studies at MontanaTech. He has written widely on they?« desiècle, and his essays on Rodenbach have appeared in Romance Quarterly, Nord, Studi Francesi, Dalhousie French Studies, and Georges Rodenbach: CriticalEssays, edited by Philip Mosley. ShaunAnne Tangney is an assistant professor ofEnglish at Minot State University in North Dakota where she teaches American literature, creative writing, and critical theory. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Nevada at Reno, where she wrote her dissertation on apocalyptic American literature. Recent publications include an article on the apocalypticism in Robinson Jeffers' lyric poetry, which appeared in Jeffers Studies. Ms. Tangney is also a poet, published in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia; her most recent poetic publication is a book entitled The Last Minute. Steffen Hantke has published essays on American literature, popular genres in literature and film, and popular culture. He is currently completing a book, forthcoming from the University ofTexas Press, on the representation ofserial murder in American film, and editing a special topics issue on Horror of the journal Paradoxa. Jeffrey Cain is writing a dissertation on theories ofvision in Spenser and Milton at Washington State University. He is an Intercollegiate Studies Institute Richard M. Weaver Fellow and a Heritage Foundation Henry Salvatori Fellow. His article on ultimate meaning in the poetry of Spenser is forthcoming in theJournal of Ultimate Reality andMeaning. 144 * ROCKY MOUNTAIN REVIEW * SPRING 2001 ...


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