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Notes on Contributors Frank Abate is a freelance editor and journalist based in the Cincinnati area. He was formerly Editor-in-Chief for the US Dictionaries office of Oxford University Press, where he managed some 20 dictionaries and other reference projects, plus was involved in public relations efforts for OUP. His works as an editor for OUP include TheDK Oxford Illustrated Dictionary and the New American Oxford Dictionary. leda Maria Alves holds a Doctorate in linguistics from the University of Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle, France. She teaches Portuguese Philology and Language at the University of Säo Paulo, Brazil. Her research is on neology (mostly in ajournalistic corpus) and terminology . Among her published works are Neologismo Criaçao lexical (Ática) and Glossário de termos neológicos da Economía (Humanitas). She is now completing the Dictionary of Brazilian Portuguese Neologisms, which focuses on the decade of 90s. David Barnhart formally began work in dictionary editing in 1966 on the Thorndike-Barnhart dictionary series under the tutelage of his father, Clarence L. Barnhart. He is the immediate past president of the Dictionary Society of North America. Most of his time in dictionary work is spent tracing the historical development of the American -English lexicon, especially recent neologisms, and the history of lexicography in America. Steve Bladey is Managing Director of Omnilex, Inc. of Washington , DC. He has worked with lexicographers and their works on a daily basis since 1980. Ian Brookes studied at the universities of Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne, earning a PhD in classics. He has been a professional lexicographer since 1993, and was Editor of The Chambers Dictionary from 2000 to 2008. He has recently taken up the post of Managing Editor for Collins English Dictionaries in Glasgow, Scotland. Thomas Creamer is the Director of McNeil Technologies, Inc. Language Research Center in Hyattsville, MD and of McNeil's Dunwoody Press. His articles have appeared in Dictionaries, The InternationalJournal of Lexicography, and Lexicographica. His publications include (with Frederic Dolezal) Lexicography Then and Now: Selected Essays of Ladislav Zgusta (Niemeyer), Chinese—English Dictionary of the Wu Dialect (Dunwoody Press) , and Dictionary ofNew Chinese Words (Dunwoody Press). He served as a consultant to Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston (The American Heritage Dictionary) , and to the Ricci Institute, Paris. Notes on Contributors207 Joanne Despres is Senior Editor at Merriam-Webster, Inc., where she has worked since 1991. Trained as a medievalist (PhD, University of Pennsylvania), she has managed a team of editors who research dates for the Collegiate Dictionary. Laura Downing is Research Fellow at the Center for General Linguistics, Typology, and Universale Research (ZAS) in Berlin, where her current project investigates the phonology-syntax-focus interface in southern Bantu languages. Her work since her PhD in linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has addressed a variety of issues in the prosody of Bantu languages, from tone and vowel harmony through prosodie morphology and morphologicallyconditioned phonology. Publications include Canonical Forms in Prosodie Morphology (Oxford University Press), as well as numerous journal articles. Andrea Dunn is the owner and principal consultant at Technical Communications Consulting, Inc., a firm specializing in needs assessment , content analysis, information architecture, and development of technical publications and training. Prior to founding Technical Communications Consulting, she worked as Senior Writer/ Producer at Motorola, Inc. She received her PhD in linguistics from the University of Illinois. Donna Farina, Associate Professor at NewJersey City University, teaches linguistics and pedagogy to Pre-K-12 teacher candidates. She was previously Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, Chairperson of Multicultural Education, and Co-director and Director of two US Department of Education international studies and foreign language program grants at NJCU. She received her PhD in linguistics from the University of Illinois, Urbana, as well as a licence and a maîtrise in linguistics from the Université des Sciences Humaines in Strasbourg , France. Her research focuses on lexicography — particularly on Russian dictionaries and censorship — and on language education. Publications include: "Dictionaries of the Soviet Period" and "Dai's Dictionary," in Censorship: An International Encyclopedia (Fitzroy Dearborn ); and (with George Durman) "Bilingual Dictionaries of English and Russian in the Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries," forthcoming in The Oxford History ofEnglish...


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