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Editorial This editor's first year has been plagued with error: slow correspondence , dragging timeline, badjudgment, misplaced material, and indecision. He has been saved by the talent, patience, and generosity of the authors represented in this volume; by the wisdom and diligence of many referees; by the patience of Professional Book Compositors ; by the advice and support of William S. Chisholm and Richard W Bailey, previously editors of this journal; and by the energy, experience , and editorial acumen ofJesse Sheidlower, the journal's associate editor. Readers of this volume will be impressed by the comprehensive insight of Reinhard Hartmann's article on European dictionary research , the intrepid archival research behind Lynda Mugglestone's essay on labeling in the OED, the acute and stylish argument of Deanne Williams's essay on English-French dictionaries in Tudor England , and the remarkable attention to detail (grammatical, lexicographical , and bibliographical) entailed in Garland Cannon and J. Alan Pfeffer's investigation of abbreviations and gender in Modern High German, among other things. The editor hopes that they will also appreciate the forum on dictionaries in the classroom. The topic is one of current concern: last year, Edward Gates, past president of the Dictionary Society of North America, organized a Task Force on Dictionary Use in the Schools; M. Lynne Murphy simultaneously organized the MLA's Lexicography Discussion Group convention session on the same topic. She introduces the papers from that session here, and Edward Gates responds to them. It is only appropriate that the MLA's Lexicography Discussion Group and DSNA should cooperate in matters such as this one and that thisjournal should serve as a forum for that cooperation. The editor welcomes letters in dialogue with the information, teaching practices , and views presented in the articles published here, for publication in the next volume of Dictionaries. Besides the many excellent, full reviews included in this volume, the editor has written a few shorter reviews. Each year, the Dictionary Society of North America receives many more important books than it can review; naturally, we are interested in publishing reviews of as many books as possible. Any Dictionary Society member interested in writing brief reviews like those printed here should contact the editor. ...


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