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Manuscript Reviewers 2011

We would like to thank all manuscript reviewers for their thoughtful and thorough advice to the editors and to authors over the previous year. Manuscripts are screened editorially and blind-reviewed by research scholars at The Hastings Center, as well as by outside readers. In addition to the reviewers listed below, we would like to thank our colleagues at The Hastings Center for their generous help with these reviews. We apologize in advance if we’ve missed anyone in the following list.

  • Nicholas Agar

    Victoria University of Wellington

  • George Annas

    Boston University

  • John Arras

    University of Virginia

  • James Bernat

    Dartmouth College

  • Frank Chervenak

    Weill Cornell Medical College

  • Winston Chiong

    University of California, San Francisco

  • Raymond G. de Vries

    University of Michigan Medical School

  • Eric Feldman

    University of Pennsylvania School of Law

  • Joan H. Fujimura

    University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • Christine Grady

    National Institutes of Health

  • Ronald M. Green

    Dartmouth College

  • Michael Hauskeller

    University of Exeter

  • Tony Hope

    University of Oxford

  • Andrew Jameton

    University of Nebraska Medical Center

  • Bruce Jennings

    Center for Humans and Nature

  • Eva Feder Kittay

    Stony Brook University

  • Loretta Kopelman

    East Carolina University

  • Greg Koski

    Harvard Medical School

  • John D. Lantos

    Children’s Mercy Hospital

  • Paul Lauritzen

    John Carroll University

  • Charles W. Lidz

    University of Massachusetts Medical School

  • Reidar K. Lie

    National Institutes of Health

  • Hilde Lindemann

    Michigan State University

  • John Lizza

    Kutztown University

  • Alex John London

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • Ruth Macklin

    Albert Einstein College of Medicine

  • Howard Minkoff

    Maimonides Medical Center

  • Farhat Moazam

    Center for Medical Ethics & Culture

  • Amy Mullin

    University of Toronto Mississauga

  • James Lindemann Nelson

    Michigan State University

  • Paula O’Brien

    University of Melbourne

  • Michael Oldani

    University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

  • David Orentlicher

    Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis

  • Nelly Oudshoorn

    University of Twente

  • David Rodríguez-Arias Vailhen

    Spanish National Research Council

  • Bernard Rollin

    Colorado State University

  • Mark Rothstein

    University of Louisville

  • James Sabin

    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

  • Toby Schonfeld

    Emory University

  • Udo Schuklenk

    Queen’s University

  • D. Alan Shewmon


  • Bonnie Steinbock

    University of Albany

  • Daniel P. Sulmasy

    University of Chicago

  • Robert Truog

    Harvard Medical School

  • Robert Veatch

    Georgetown University

  • Jon Vernick

    Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

  • David Wasserman

    University of Maryland

  • Bejamin S. Wilfond

    Seattle Children’s Hospital

  • Matthew K. Wynia

    American Medical Association [End Page 43]