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Hastings Center Report
Volume 41, 2011

Following is the comprehensive index for Volume 41 of the Hastings Center Report, covering all feature material from 2011. Letters have not been included. inline graphic Complete issues are available for Volume 41 (2011) and may be purchased from Wiley-Blackwell; e-mail:

AUTHORS and Citation Information

Allen, Anita L., Commercial Speech Bruises Health Privacy in the Supreme Court (At Law), Nov–Dec, 8–9

Bates, Stephen, Dead Rights (book review), Jul–Aug, 47

Bedau, Mark A., The Intrinsic Value of Reprogramming Life, Jul–Aug, 29–31

Berg, Jessica, and Nicole Deming, New Rules for Research with Human Subjects? (Policy and Politics), Nov–Dec, 10–11

Blum, Ryan, Conscience Rules: Implications for Care (Perspective), May–Jun, inside back cover

Boltin, Benjamin, and Nancy Berlinger Values Engineering: The Ethics of Design in Community Health Centers, Jan–Feb, 27–28

Braswell, Harold, In Search of a Wide-Angle Lens, May–Jun, 19–21

Callahan, Daniel, Rationing: Theory, Politics, and Passions, Mar–Apr, 23–27

Campo-Engelstein, Lisa, No More Larking Around! Why We Need Male LARCs, Sept–Oct, 22–26

Campo-Engelstein, Lisa, and Sarah B. Rodriguez, Two Chicks in a Lab with Eggs, May–Jun, 21–23

Carlson, Rob, Staying Sober about Science, Jul–Aug, 22–25

Cohen, I. Glenn, Prohibiting Anonymous Sperm Donation and the Child Welfare Error (Policy and Politics), Sept–Oct, 13–14

DeCamp, Matthew, Jennifer K. Walter, and Susan Dorr Goold, Conjectural Mixed Motives (Case Study), Jan–Feb, 11–12

Dresser, Rebecca, Bioethics and Cancer: When the Professional Becomes Personal, Nov–Dec, 14–18

Dresser, Rebecca, Families and Forensic DNA Profiles (At Law), May–Jun, 11–12

Dresser, Rebecca, The Varieties of Consent (book review), Sept–Oct, 46–47

Dugdale, Lydia S., A Thousand Little Deaths (In Practice), Jul–Aug, 10

Dugdale, Lydia S., and Autumn Alcott Ridenour, Making Sense of the Roman Catholic Directive to Extend Life Indefinitely, Mar–Apr, 28–29

Faden, Ruth R., Tom L. Beauchamp, and Nancy E. Kass, Learning Health Care Systems and Justice (Another Voice), Jul–Aug, 3

Garrett, Jeremy R., and John D. Lantos, Patient Autonomy and the Twenty-First Century Physician (Another Voice), Sept–Oct, 3

Gilbert, Susan, Medicine That’s a Little Too Personalized (Perspective), Jul–Aug, inside back cover

Gindi, Mark, The Ghost Print (In Practice), Jan–Feb, 7–8

Giordano, Simona, Anorexia, Authenticity, and the Expert Perspective (Another Voice), Nov–Dec, 3

Gostin, Lawrence O., The FDA, Preemption, and Public Safety (At Law), Sept–Oct, 11–12

Green, Ronald M., Should We Retire Derek Parfit? (Another Voice), Jan–Feb, 3

Groll, Daniel, What Health Care Providers Know: A Taxonomy of Clinical Disagreements, Sept–Oct, 27–36

Gutmann, Amy, The Ethics of Synthetic Biology: Guiding Principles for Emerging Technologies, Jul–Aug, 17–22

Hall, Mark A., Constitutional Challenges to Compulsory Insurance: A Guide Through the Gauntlet (At Law), Mar–Apr, 14–15

Hall, Mark A., The Sausage-Making of Insurance Reform (Policy and Politics), Jan–Feb, 9–10

Herbert, Cheryl, Case Study: Dublin Methodist Hospital, Jan–Feb, 23–24

Hickey, Catherine, and Adrienne M. Martin, Devotion or Disease? (Case Study), Mar–Apr, 18–19

Hoffmaster, Barry, The Rationality and Morality of Dying Children, Nov–Dec, 30–42

Hope, Tony, Jacinta Tan, Anne Stewart, and Ray Fitzpatrick, Anorexia Nervosa and the Language of Authenticity, Nov–Dec, 19–29

Inoue, Yusuke, and Kaori Muto, Children and the Genetic Identification of Talent (Perspective), Sept–Oct, inside back cover

Johnson, Sandra H., Nothing’s Settled (book review), Jan–Feb, 50–51

Kaebnick, Gregory E., Of Microbes and Men, Jul–Aug, 25–28

Kirst, Nell Burger, Other People’s Stories (In Practice), Sept–Oct, 9–10

Laliberté, Maude, John D. Lantos, and Sonia Gowda, Confidentiality and Its Limits (Case Study), Nov–Dec, 12–13

Largent, Emily A., Steven Joffe, and Franklin G. Miller, Can Research and Care Be Ethically Integrated? Jul–Aug, 37–46

Latham, Stephen R., The “Real-Life” Death Panel, Reformed (Perspective), Jan–Feb, inside back cover

Lepora, Chiara, and Joseph Millum, The Tortured Patient: A Medical Dilemma, May–Jun, 38–47 [End Page 44]

Malmqvist, Erik, Reprogenetics and the “Parents Have Always Done It” Argument, Jan–Feb, 43–49

Marks, Jonathan...