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  • General Index Volume XCVII (2011)
  • Elizabeth Foxwell M.A.
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  • rev.: review

Ælred of Rievaulx, Saint
men., 627

Agnes of Bohemia, Saint
men., 626-27

Akenson, Donald Harman
Rev. of S.A. Brighton, 336-37

Altermatt, Urs
Konfession, Nation und Rom. Metamorphosen im schweizerischen und europäischen Katholizismus des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts, rev., 831-32

American Catholic Historical Association
Announcement, ACHA Awards for Scholarship, Service, and Teaching and ACHA Graduate Fellowships, 195
Call for Papers, 2012 ACHA Annual Meeting, 410
Joint meeting of the ACHA and the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, 620-23
Report from the Executive Secretary and Treasurer, Special Funds for 2009, 93-94
Reports of the Ninety-First Annual Meeting:
Of the Committee on the Howard R. Marraro Prize, 311
Of the Committee on the John Gilmary Shea Prize, 309-11
Of the Committee on the John Tracy Ellis Dissertation Award, 311-12
Of the Committee on Nominations, 309
Of the Committee on Program, 305-09
Of the Editor, The Catholic Historical Review, 324-27
Of the Executive Secretary and Treasurer, 320-24
Of the President, 314-20
On the 2010 ACHA Excellence in Teaching Award, 313
On the 2010 ACHA Lifetime Distinguished Scholarship Award, 313
On the 2010 ACHA Presidential Graduate Fellowships, 314
On the 2010 ACHA Service to Catholic Studies Award, 313-14
On the Peter Guilday Prize, 312 Anderson, R. Bentley Rev. of F. Botham, 179-80

Andrée, Alexander
Rev. of A. J. Hauser and D. F. Watson, eds., 96-98

Angelo Clareno
men., 355-56

Angenendt, Arnold, auth., and Hubertus Lutterbach, ed.
Die Gegenwart von Heiligen und Reliquien, rev., 572-73

Anglarill, Anna Maria Janer, Servant of God
men., 412 [End Page iv]

Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum
Publishes papers on "Was ist ein Konzil? Überlegungen zur Typologie insbesondere der ökumenischen Konzilien," 199-200

Antón, Beatriz Ferrús, and Nuria Girona Fibla, eds.
Vida de Sor Francisca Josefa de Castillo, rev., 403-04

Aram I [Keshishian]
St. Nerses the Gracious and Church Unity:Armeno-Greek Church Relations (1165-1173), rev., 573-74

men., 401-03, 597-99, 796-97, 846-48, 873

Ashley, Kathleen, and Marilyn Deegan
Being a Pilgrim:Art and Ritual on the Medieval Routes to Santiago, rev., 115-17

Association of Contemporary Church Historians
Sponsors conference "Secularization and the Transformation of Religion in the U.S. and Germany after 1945," 198

Associazione "Roma nel Rinascimento"
Cosponsors conference "Convegno su Egidio da Viterbo nel V Centenario del Concilio Lateranese V (1512-2012)," 411

Athanasius, Saint
men., 413

Augustine of Hippo, Bishop and Saint
men., 112-13

Augustinian Order
men., 250-75

Augustinians of the Assumption
men., 839-40

Avella, Steven M.
American Catholicism in the Twentieth-Century American West: The Next Frontier, 219-49

L'azione muliebre
men., 484-526

Backus, Irena
Life Writing in Reformation Europe: Lives of Reformers by Friends, Disciples and Foes, rev., 588-89

Badillo, David A.
Rev. of J. J. Pescador, 189-90

Badir, Patricia
The Maudlin Impression: English Literary Images of Mary Magdalene, 1550-1700, rev., 105-06

Bailey, Michael D.
Rev. of P. Hersperger, 770-71

Baines, Ron
Rev. of C. G. Pestana, 558-59

Baker, Nelson H., Monsignor, Vicar General, and Servant of God
men., 412

Baldi, Barbara
Pio II e le trasformazioni dell'Europa cristiana, 1456-1464, rev., 584-85

Bardon, Jonathan, auth., and the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mawhinney, introd.
The Struggle for Shared Schools in Northern Ireland: The History of All Children Together, rev., 606-07

Bareggi, Claudia di Filippo, and Gianvittorio Signorotto, eds.
L'inquisizione in età moderna e il caso milanese. Atti delle giornate di studio 27-29 novembre 2008, rev., 376-77

Bargellini, Clara, and Michael Komanecky, eds.
The Arts of the Missions of Northern New Spain, 1600-1821, rev., 401-03

Barker, S. K.
Protestantism, Poetry and Protest: The Vernacular Writings of Antoine de Chandieu (c. 1534-1591), rev., 372-73

Barton, Simon
Rev. of J. D. Dodds, M. R. Menocal, and A. Krasner Balbale, 131-32

Baumgartner, Frederic J.
Rev. of A.A.Tulchin, 791-93
Rev. of S. Carroll, 142-44

Bays, Daniel H., and Ellen Widmer, eds.
China's Christian Colleges...


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