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  • General Index Volume LXXXVIII (2002)
  • Lawrence H. Feldman, Ph. D.

ACHA. See American Catholic Historical Association

Ache Guarani Catholic Church support for indigenous rights of, 726-728

Adam, Karl, 795-796

"African American Spirituality and Liturgical Renewal" U.S. Catholic Historian for spring, 2001 articles on, 406

Alexakis,Alexander rev. of J. Thomas and A. C. Hero with the assistance of G. Constable, 326-329

Alexander, Jon, O.P. rev. of A. C. Rose, 615-617

Alexis, Saint, Life of, 322

Allitt,Patrick member of new Committee on Recruitment, 173

Alpert,Michael Crypto-Judaism and the Spanish Inquisition, rev., 367-370

Alphonsus de Liguori, Saint, 780-782

Alvis, Robert E. "A Clash of Catholic Cultures on the German Polish Border:The Tale of a Controversial Priest in Poznań, 1839-1842,"470-488

American Catholic Historical Association Report of the Committee on Nominations, 296-298 Report of the Committee on Program, 293-296 Report of the Committee on the Howard R. Marraro Prize, 299-300 Report of the Committee on the John Gilmary Shea Prize, 298-299 Report of Committee on the John Tracy Ellis Dissertation Award, 300-301 Report on the Spring Meeting, 825-830 Report of the Secretary and Treasurer,301-309

American property rights in Mexico played prominent role in ways American administrations responded to Mexican Church-State struggle, 492 American value of right to worship freely reluctance on part of US government to openly support policies that reflected upon, 493

Ames, Charlotte, chair "Libraries,Archives, and the Digital Divide: Pouring Old Wine into New Wineskins" session, ACHA,830

"Anabaptismes: de l'exclusion à la reconnaissance" published in issue of the Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français for January-March, 2002, 833

Andrew II, King of Hungary Golden Bull of 1222 issued by, 575

Antinomians attacks on, 264-265

Anti-Semitism Swiss Catholic twentieth-century response to, 379-380 [End Page i]

Appleby, R. Scott rev. of C. H. Lippy, 621-622

Aquilina, George,OFM,and Stanley Fiorini Congregazione Vescovi e Regolari Malta: Visita Apostolica no.51 Mgr Petrus Dusina, 1575, rev., 823

Archives of the Holy Office opening to investigators of, 96

Armstrong, Regis J.,O.F.M. Cap., et al. Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, Volume III: The Prophet, rev., 119-120

Arnau of Vilanova, 120-122

Arnoux, Mathieu Des Clercs au service de la réforme: Études et documents sur les chanoines réguliers de la province de Rouen, rev., 111-112

Aston, Nigel Religion and Revolution in France, 1760-1804, rev., 129-130

Athanasius Life of St. Antony, 319-320

Avella, Steven M. rev. of F. J.Weber, 389-391

Azariah,V.S., Bishop of Dornakal, 821-822

Backus, Irena Reformation Readings of the Apocalypse:Geneva, Zurich, and Wittenberg, rev., 588-589

Bailey, Gauvin Alexander rev. of S.Y. Edgerton, 164-166

Baldovin, John F., S.J. rev. of L. van Tongeren, 318-319

Bargrave, John dispute with Jesuits while in exile, 655-676

Barmann, Lawrence, and C. J. T. Talar, editors Sanctity and Secularity during the Modernist Period: Six Perspectives on Hagiography around 1900, rev., 137-139

Barnes, Robin B. rev. of I. Backus, 588-589

Barnes,T. D. rev. of M. R. Salzman, 748-749

Baumgarter, Frederic J. president of the ACHA,173 rev. of R. S. Love, 126-127

Baxter,William, 364-365 Beatification of twentieth-century Russians, website for, 635

Beaver, Daniel C. Parish Communities and Religious Conflict in the Vale of Gloucester, 1590-1690, rev., 362-363

Becker,Winfried rev. of J.Vanden Heuvel, 374-375

BeDuhn, Jason David The Manichaean Body in Discipline and Ritual, rev., 564-567

Bela IV's Iura Iudaeorum defining court-of-law jurisdiction, 576

Bell, Caryn Cossé rev. of S. J. Ochs, 618-620

Bell, Rudolph M. rev. of W. de Boer, 775-776

Bellitto, Christopher M. elected to Executive Committee of the American Cusanus Society, 182 Nicolas de Clamanges. Spirituality, Personal Reform, and Pastoral Renewal on the Eve of the Reformation, rev., 123-125 Renewing Christianity: A History of Church Reform from Day One to Vatican II, rev, 313-314

Berend,Nora At the Gate of Christendom. Jews, Muslims and "Pagans" in Medieval Hungary, c.1000-c...


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