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Index to International Securify Volume 21 (Summer 1996-Spring 1997) Ballentine,Karen, see Jack Snyder and Karen Ballentine. Biddle, Stephen,“Victory Misunderstood:What the Gulf War Tells Us about the Future of Conflict,” 21:2 (Fall 19961,pp. 139-179. Bukharin, Oleg, ”The Future of Russia’s Plutonium Cities,” 21:l (Spring 1997),pp. 1 2 6 158. Dowty, Alan, and Gil Loescher, “Refugee Flows as Grounds for International Action,” 21:l (Summer 1996),pp. 43-71. Farber, Henry S., and Joanne Gowa, “Correspondence:Democracy and Peace” [reply Fetter, Steve, “Correspondence:Nuclear Deterrenceand the 1990Indo-PakistaniCrisis” to Gochman], 21:3 (Winter 1996/97), pp. 186187. [re: Hagerty 20:3], 21:l (Summer 19971,pp. 176-181. Ganguly,Sumit, ”Explaining the Kashmir Insurgency: Political Mobilization and InstiGholz , Eugene, Daryl G. Press, and Harvey M. Sapolsky.“Come Home, America: The Glaser, Charles L. “Correspondence: Current Gains and Future Outcomes” [reply to Gochman, Charles S. “Correspondence:Democracy and Peace” [re: Farber and Gowa Gowa, Joanne, see Henry S. Farber and Joanne Gowa. tutional Decay,” 21:2 (Fall 1996),pp. 7&107. Strategy of Restraint in the Face of Temptation,”21:4 (Spring 19971,pp. 5-48. Matthews 21:1], 21:4 (Spring 1997),pp. 186193. 20:21, 21:3 (Winter 1996/97), pp. 177-186. Hagerty, Devin T., ”Correspondence:Nuclear Deterrence and the 1990 Indo-Pakistani Herbst, Jeffrey,“Responding to State Failure in Africa,” 21:3 (Winter1996/97),pp. 120Crisis ,” [reply to Fetter], 21:l (Summer 1996),pp. 181-185. 145. Karl, David J. ”Proliferation Pessimism and Emerging Nuclear Powers,” 21:3 (Winter Kaufman, Stuart J., ”Spiralingto Ethnic War: Elites, Masses, and Moscow in Moldova’s 1996/97),pp. 87-119. Civil War,” 21:2 (Fall 1996),pp. 108-138. Lake, David A., and Donald Rothchild. ”ContainingFear:The Originsand Management Lieberman, Peter, ”Trading with the Enemy: Security and Relative Economic Gains,” Loescher, Gil, see Alan Dowty and Gil Loescher. of Ethnic Conflict,”21:2 (Fall 1996),pp. 41-75. 21:l (Summer 1996),pp. 147-175. Mastanduno, Michael, “Preserving the Unipolar Moment: Realist Theories and U.S. Grand Strategy after the Cold War,” 21:4 (Spring 1997), pp. 49-88. International Security, Vol. 21, No. 4 (Spring 1997),pp. 203-204 0 1997by the President and Fellows of Harvard Collegeand the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 203 International Security 21:4 1 204 Matthews, John C. 111, "Correspondence: Current Gains and Future Outcomes" [reply Matthews, John C. 111,"Current Gains and Future Outcomes: When Cumulative Relative to Glaser], 27:4 (Spring 1997),pp. 193-197. Gains Matter," 21:l (Summer 1996),pp. 112-146. Posen, Barry R., and Andrew L. Ross, "Competing Visions for U.S. Grand Strategy," Press, Daryl G., see Eugene Gholz, Daryl G. Press, and Harvey M. Sapolsky. 21:3 (Winter 1996/97), pp. 5-53. Risse, Thomas, "The Cold War's Endgame and German Unification (AReview Essay)," [reviews of Frank Elbe and Richard Kiessler, A Round Table w i t h Sharp Corners, and Philip Zelikow and Condoleezza Rice, Germany Unified and Europe Transformed] 21:4 (Spring 1997),pp. 159-185. Ross, Andrew L., see Barry R. Posen and Andrew L. Ross. Rothschild, Donald, see David A. Lake and Donald Rothchild. Ruggie, John Gerard, "The Past as Prologue? Interest, ldentity, and American Foreign Policy," 21:l (Spring 1997),pp. 89-125. Sagan, Scott D. "Why Do States Build Nuclear Weapons? Three Models in Search of a Sapolsky, Harvey M., see Eugene Gholz, Daryl G. Press, and Harvey Sapolsky. Shambaugh David, "Containment or Engagement of China? Calculating Beijing's ReSnyder , Jack, and Karen Ballentine, "Nationalism and the Marketplace of Ideas," 21:2 Bomb," 21:3 (Winter 1996/97), pp. 54-86. sponses," 21:2 (Fall 1997),pp. 180-209. (Fall 1996),pp. 5-40. Weiner, Myron, "Bad Neighbors, Bad Neighborhoods: An Inquiry into the Causes of Refugee Flows," 21:l (Summer 1996),pp. 542. ...


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