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Undoing the Naturalistic Novel: Don DeLillo's Libra
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Undoing the Naturalistic Novel:
Don DeLillo's Libra
Paul Civello
University of California, Los Angeles
Paul Civello

Paul Civello received his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1991. He is currently working on an essay concerning the relationship between post-Darwinian scientific discourse and Frank Norris's theories of naturalism and the naturalistic writer.


1. For a clear exposition of systems theory, see Bertalanffy's General System Theory.

2. Indeed, such a science has been discovered: the new science of "chaos," or "chaos theory." For a background, see Gleick. For a study of the relationship between chaos theory and contemporary literature, see Hayles's Chaos Bound.

3. Bertalanffy, as might be expected, disagrees with this view of history, arguing that "great men" did not cause history, but acted only as "'leading parts,' 'triggers,' or 'catalyzers' in the historical process" (116).

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