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THE CONTRIBUTORS susan M. Schultz is a widely published critic, reviewer, and poet, with recent poems in Denver Quarterly, and a forthcoming article on Gertrude Stein in Raritan. Patrick McHugh writes on modern fiction and critical theory. He has recent and forthcoming essays in Boundary 2, College Literature, and Cultural Critique. He is currently co-editing a collection of essays on Faulkner and critical theory and writing a book on tragedy and American history. David M. Robinson is Oregon Professor of English and Director of American Studies at Oregon State University. He is author ofApostle of Culture: Emerson as Preacher and Lecturer and The Unitarians and the Universalists. He is currently engaged in a study of Emerson's later work, entitled Emerson's Pragmatic Turn, and a book on Peter Taylor's fiction. john unsworth is co-editor of Postmodern Culture, a peet-reviewed electronic journal. He has previously published essays on the institutionalization of post-modern fiction, on the book marketplace in the late twentieth century, and on the implications of electronic networks for academic writing. His current research concerns the social history of information theory and its intetsections with postmodern literature. james c. mcKelly's interests include modern American literature and American cultural studies. He has recently published essays on Hemingway in On Humor: The Best of American Literature, and on Woody Guthrie in Heritage of the Great Phins, and is completing an article on the artist and the West for Western American Literature. harvey L. gable, JR is currently William Rainey Harper Instructor in the Humanities at the Univetsity of Chicago. He is working on a book about Hawthotne, provisionally entitled Kaleidoscopic Designs: Hawthorne's Monomyth and the Unconscious Logic of His Romances and a number of articles about Hawthorne and nineteenth-century culture. david Suchoff is the author of Critical Theory and the Novel: Mass Society and Cultural Criticism in Dickens, Melville, and Kafka, forthcoming from the University of Wisconsin Press. He is at work on a new book entitled The Ethnicities of Modernism. In 1 992—93 he will be a Mellon Faculty Fellow in the Humanities at the Center for Literary Studies at Harvard. SUBMISSIONS Arizona Quarterly invites the submission of articles offering theoretical , historical, and cultural approaches to canonical and non-canonical works of American literature and film. Manuscripts should follow the MLA Handbook, second edition§5.1-5.5.9. All material should be double-spaced, including quotations , notes, references, and poetry. Authors should submit two papet copies, or a 5'/4-inch IBM-compatible floppy disk (DS/DD) and one hard copy, Please designate the word processing program used on the disk. A self-addressed, stamped envelope should accompany all submissions. Please address manuscripts to Edgar A. Dryden, Editor, Arizona Quarterly, Main Library B-541, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721. The journal welcomes the submission of suitable illustrations. Photocopies are acceptable for first review, but high-quality glossy prints or camera-ready reproductions should accompany the final manuscript . Authors are responsible for obtaining copyright petmissions. ...


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