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THE CONTRIBUTORS Bryan c. short's book, Cast by Means of Figures: Herman Melville's Rhetorical Development, will be published by the University of Massachusetts Press in 1992. He has chapters forthcoming in Savage Eye: Melville and the Visual Arts, and Ethos: New Essays in Rhetorical and Critical Theory. Mitchell breitWieser teaches American literature at UC, Berkeley. He is the author of American Puritanism and the Defense of Mourning: Religion, Grief, and Ethnology in Mary White Rowhndson's Captivity Narrative (Wisconsin 1991). He is beginning a book on Fitzgerald's career, of which the essay in this issue is the first piece. renée r. curry, Assistant Professor of English, California State University , San Marcos, is currently at work on her book Please Come Flying: The Augural Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop. David e . johnson receive his Ph.D. in English from SUNY at Buffalo in June 1991. He has essays published or forthcoming on Juan Garcia Ponce, Octavio Paz, Chicano narrative, Hernán Cortés's Cartas de relación and Roland Joffé's The Mission, and the new historicism. keith a. sandiford is Associate Professor of English at Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge). His recent publications are a book, Measuring the Moment, and an article on history and alterity in "Inkle and Yarico." He is currently working on a book about sugar as an object of discourse in eighteenth-century texts. *t?f¦r^gk% \^"*??¦ ...