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PERIODICAL LITERATURE general and miscellaneous Das Theologische an der Kirchengeschichte. Isnard Frank, O. P. Trierer Theologische Zeitschrift, 107 (3, 1998), 191-210. Religion and the Historical Discipline: A Reply to Mack Holt and Henry Heller. Susan Rosa and Dale Van Kley. French Historical Studies, 21 (Fall, 1998), 611-629. Per l'analisi delle decisioni dei concili ecumenici e generali. Giuseppe Alberigo. Cristianesimo nella storia, XLX (June, 1998), 399-403. Der Zölibat in der Ostkirche. Thomas McGovern. Forum Katholische Theologie , 14 (2, 1998), 99-123. Momenti essenziali della storia costituzionale dell'Ordine Cistercense. Ferenc Polikárp Zakai.Analecta Cisterciensia,\Xñ (Jan.-Dec, 1997), 208-365. Some Thoughts on Christopher Columbus's Libro De Profecías on the Quincentenary of His Third Voyage to America. David M. Traboulay. Zeitschrift für Missionswissenschaft und Religionswissenschaft, 82 (3, 1998), 147-169. Produire des catéchismes ou modeler des peuples! De l'Europe continentale au Québec, en passant par l'Angleterre, l'Irlande et les États-Unis (XVT-XLX' siècles). Raymond Brodeur. Revue d'histoire de l'Église de France, 84 (Jan.-June, 1998), 39-54. Jean Leclercq and the Concept of Monastic Tradition. Gregorio Penco, O.S.B. American Benedictine Review, 49 (Sept., 1998), 233-255. "Lera post-cristiana" di É. Poulat. Le parole e la storia. Maria Paiano. Cristianesimo nella storia,XDÍ (June, 1998), 383-398. Entre Concile et initiative pontificale: Paul VI en Terre sainte. Claude Soetens. Cristianesimo nella storia, XLX (June, 1998), 333-365. Imperial Ideology in the Making: Eusebius of Caesarea on Constantine as "Bishop." Claudia Rapp.Journal of Theological Studies, 49 (Oct., 1998), 685-695. The Life of St. Nino: Georgia's Conversion to Its Female Apostle. Eva M. Synek. Ostkirchliche Studien, 47 (Sept., 1998), 139-148. 157 158periodical literature The Representation of Christ in the Apses of Early Christian Churches. J.-M. Spieser. Gesta, XXXVII (1, 1998), 63-73. Una testimonianza di Facondo d'Ermiane su Ambrogio di Milano. Luigi Fatica. Asprenas, 45 (Mar., 1998), 39-52. "Sofisti" e "Santi": Due esemplarità a confronto nell'Impero Romano-Cristiano dei secoli W e V d. C. Francesco Paolo Rizzo. Cristianesimo nella storia, XLX (June, 1998), 243-253. Abbots and Monks in the Dialogues of Gregory the Great. Christine McCann. Studia Monástica, 40 (1, 1998), 11-21. MEDIEVAL Para el estudio de la Iglesia medieval castellana. Iluminado Sanz Sancho. Estudios Eclesiásticos, 73 (Jan.-Mar., 1998), 61-87. vEthelthryth: A Conventional Saint? Susan Kosset. Bulletin oftheJohn Rylands University Library ofManchester, 19 (Autumn, 1997), 15-24. La "plebs de Publicis" e le chiese di San Giovanni e di Santa Maria. Rinaldo Merlone . Bollettino Storico-Bibliografico Subalpino, XCVI (Jan.-June, 1998), 5-63. The Old English Life of Saint Pantaleon and Its Manuscript Context. Joana Proud.Bulletin oftheJohn Rylands University Library ojManchester, 79 (Autumn, 1997), 119-132. Peter Damian's Liber Gomorrhianus: The Text Vs. the Scholarly Tradition. Kenneth C. Russell.American Benedictine Review, 49 (Sept., 1998), 299-315. The Bishop's Chapel of Hereford Cathedral and the Question of Architectural Copies in the Middle Ages. Hans J. Böker. Gesta, XXXVII (1, 1998), 44-54. Was Bernard a Friend? A Question Revisited. Richard Upsher Smith. Analecta Cisterciensia,Ull (Jan.-Dec, 1997), 15-44. Les relations entre Etienne Harding, Bernard de Clairvaux et l'abbaye de Molesmes. Laurent Veyssière. Analecta Cisterciensia, LIII (Jan.-Dec, 1997), 45-72. Tra riforma e tradizione: un abrégé del Decreto di Burcardo di Worms. Roberto Bemni.Aevum, LXXII (May-Aug., 1998), 303-334. Richard Lionheart and the Episcopate in His French Domains. Ralph V. Turner. French Historical Studies, 21 (Fall, 1998), 517-542. Apocalypse XXI-XXII et l'iconographie du portail central de la nef de Vézelay. Marcel Angheben. Cahiers de civilisation médiévale, 41 (July-Sept., 1998), 209-240. Esercizio sulla mano destra: gestualità e santi nel Medioevo. Laura Corti.Annali délia Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, series IV (1-2, 1996), 39-49. periodical literature159 An Early Image ofa Mass ofSt. Gregory and Devotion to the Holy Blood at Weingarten Abbey. Michael Heinlen. Gesta, XXXVII (1 , 1998), 55-62. The Cistercian Order as Portrayed in the Speculum Ecclesiae of Gerald of Wales. Joseph C. Castora. Analecta Cisterciensia...


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